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2023: Why Igbo, Yoruba may lose presidency – Shehu Sani



Shehu Sani, a former central senator from Kaduna, has hinted that South West and South East will lose the presidency of 2023. Shehu Sani also said that both regions could lose the presidency of 2023 if the claims for it were not united.

The Nageria newspaper report that the former senator spoke in Abuja on Saturday in an interactive session organized by the Chapel of correspondents of the Union of Journalists of Nigeria, FCT Council.

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He said that the two geopolitical zones must unite and present a single presidential candidate who wants to produce the next president.

Sani said that while it may be unfair for the North to hold on to power after 2023, the southern bloc must unite to face the stance of those in power against its interregional campaign on who is qualified or if they should run for 2023 from the South.

According to Sani, “It will be unfair for other sections of the country if a part uses its topographic or demographic advantage to remain in power, knowing very well that it was not the topography or the demographic position that brought them to control.

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“The rotation of power is what I prescribe and defend, whether that power goes to the East or the West; it depends on the people of the South.

“What I will say is that there is the possibility of producing a president of the North in 2023 if the east and west remain divided in their resolution on the country’s governance.

“It is this division that will be exploited by those who propose the issue of competition,” said Sani