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28-year-old mother of three convicted of drug peddling in Cross River



A superior federal court in Calabar, Cross River State, has convicted a mother of three 28-year-old children for trading with Sativa cannabis.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that Judge Simon Amobeda, while condemning the accused, said he had pleaded guilty. Then she was sentenced for a month with no excellent option.

The sentence will take effect from the day she was arrested. She was arrested on September 12, 2019 with 200 grams of the article. The judge revealed that her husband abandoned her.

A senior lawyer, Attah Ochinke, a former attorney general and state commissioner of justice, pleaded on behalf of the defendants.

“If the court forces her to prison for two months, what will happen to her three children? She needs to be reformed. I believe that not only look at her, at 28, none of the children are up to ten years old and any punishment imposed on them will deprive children of maternal / parental care.

“If you are sentenced to a long-term prison sentence, it will have repercussions on members of society because children who did not participate in what happened will suffer.”

“A light sentence will give you the opportunity to take care of the children, while saving the cost of the federal government to take care of it while in prison,” he said.

Consequently, Judge Amobeda recalled that when he was in Kebbi state, he delivered a similar trial and handed the convict to the Emir of Kebbi and the defendant was reformed. That was a Muslim community.

“In this case, the pastor will advise, reform and rehabilitate the convict. I would like her to go to receive spiritual advice, this is an opportunity for her to repent of her sin and become a reformed person.

“The law says that, after a guilty plea of ​​a defendant, the court will issue a summary judgment. She has saved the time of the court and the resources of the taxpayers, ”said the judge.

Speaking to our journalist shortly after sentencing, Pastor Victor Ovart of Carismmatic Renewal Ministries said he was in court to see the proceedings. “I went to court frequently to hear the proceedings. We have a department in the Church for prison ministries.

“Sometimes, when inmates complete their prayers, we pledge to rehabilitate them through support with a view to bringing them back to society. The power of God transformed these people.

“For this instant case, we will see where it goes because the environment does affect people, if possible, we move it to a safe place, pray for it and provide the necessary skill. We have a group in the Church that handles this, ”he said.

Also speaking, the legal advisor of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Vembe Emmanuel, said: “When the defendant was prosecuted, he pleaded guilty and the judge issued a summary judgment.

“However, before said sentence is fulfilled, the suspect is free to ask for clemency and that is what happened in this case. Some superior lawyers declared themselves in his name and the judge considered his allegations and pronounced a very light sentence. One month from the day she was arrested, she would invariably be released.

“I would not like to say whether I am satisfied or not with the trial, but one thing is clear, I have obtained my conviction and that is the most important thing for me.” All hands should be covered to ensure that we disinfect the activities of the drug addicts society because in the end, we will all return to society, ”he said.