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8 Ghanaian and Beninoise Caught Stealing Oil In Lagos



Ghanaian and 8 Beninoise has been captured for supposed burglary of Petrol Motor Spirit (PMS) along Atlas Cove in Lagos State.

Commodore Ibrahim Shettima, Commander of the Nigerian Navy Ship (NNS) BEECROFT, made this known amid a press preparation held in Lagos on Tuesday.

The officer said the capture was completed by a watch group dispatched to the territory between May 10 and 12.

He stated: “On May 10 at about 2am, a watch group presented on the Atlas Cove Island found two trucks containing around 200 x 25 liter plastic jars around Akaraba territory on the Atlas Cove Island.

“Albeit, no suspects were found on the scene, it is trusted that the jars were set up for use in putting away illicitly siphoned PMS from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) pipelines.

“In another occurrence around the same time, at about 5am, the watch group found five trucks passing on around 70 x 25 liter plastic jars around Abule Glass region on the Atlas Cove Island.

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“It is trusted that the vehicles were kept in anticipation of the development of stolen item from the NNPC pipelines.”

The administrator included that two vessels and outside nationals were likewise captured by maritime men on routine watch along the Nigeria-Benin outskirt.

“On May 12 around 6pm, a maritime vessel on routine watch along Nigeria-Benin Republic fringe captured two pontoons passing on a sum of 85 x 250 liter drums and another 150 X 25 liter plastic jars suspected to contain Premium Motor Spirit (PMS). This is accepted to have been stolen from NNPC pipeline laid on the Atlas Cove Island.

“As at the season of the block attempt, the two vessels had on board nine group individuals involving one Ghanaian and eight Beninoise.

“Examination concerning the issue is continuous with the end goal of disentangling their nearby colleagues and as needs be, the vehicles and shows are in our authority and will be given over to arraigning offices,” he said.

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Shettima said the Atlas Cove Island suited a NNPC storeroom, which was worked and overseen by the Pipelines and Product Marketing Company (PPMC), an auxiliary of the NNPC.

“The office is structured as a travel station to supply refined item to other NNPC warehouses at Mosimi, Ore, Ibadan and Shagamu. After some time, the office is being undermined by the exercises of pipeline vandals and with an end goal to control this monstrous pattern, the base elevated watches on the island and its waterfront,” he said.

He said the demonstration of unlawful exchanging oil based commodity around the Atlas Cove Island was lamentable, including that the majority of the lawless acts were executed with the help of some unpatriotic Nigerians.

“It is deserving of note that the Navy under the initiative of the Chief of the Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Ibok-Ette Ibas, is resolved to free our conduits and its associated springs of all types of guiltiness. NNS BEECROFT is, along these lines, focused on helping the NNPC to manage oil based commodity robbery.

“The Navy, along these lines, utilizes this medium to caution oil cheats and different culprits, especially in our oceanic condition, to halt from these accursed exercises and seek after legal methods for employment,” he said.