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Access Bank list out Names Of Debtors



Access Bank, one of Nigeria’s leading commercial banks, says it will publish the list containing the names of all its delinquent debtors. Gistok understands that the bank’s decision is not disconnected from the board of directors of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the apex bank of Nigeria.

The bank’s decision to publish the names of the debtors in June, after it did so in early May, announced that it would pay a $ 200 million Eurobond issued by Diamond Bank in 2014. The bank made the disclosure to publish the names of the debtors in a statement obtained by Naija News that read: “All the debtors of Access Bank Plc (including the former debtors of Diamond Bank Plc) are obliged to pay their obligations due to avoid that punitive actions are taken against them, “said the bank.

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“Please note that we will publish the names of our debtors in the newspapers in two weeks. “In the same way, if these obligations are not met, we will take the necessary measures against the individuals and criminal companies that we consider necessary, and we will try tirelessly to recover all our debts.”

“In addition, all debtors will be sanctioned by the CBN and will be banned from participating in the currency markets and securities markets of Nigeria and will be registered in the Office of Credit Risk Management Systems (CRMS) as bad debtors that make them unreadable to them, their directors and related entities for any Credit in the Nigerian financial markets. “Remember that Access Bank became the largest bank in Nigeria after completing a merger process with Diamond Bank in March.