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AEDC talks about the collapse of the national network and the blackouts in Abuja



The Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) has explained the cause of the blackouts in some parts of Abuja.

In an interview with GISTOK, AEDC confirmed that the blackout in Abuja was the result of a “blackout” that did not depend on the strike of electrical workers.

AEDC appealed to Abuja residents due to power outages, adding that work continues to restore energy supplies for Nigerians in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT.

“The power outages in Abuja are due to the interruption of the network. We deeply regret it and expect a speedy recovery.” We will keep you up to date with the passage of time. We appreciate your understanding.

Also in a press release, AEDC added “This is to inform you that we are currently experiencing some challenges with power supply as a result of fluctuation leading occasionally to a grid system outage.

“We deeply regret the inconvenience this may cause to our customers.” While we are optimistic that the challenge will be resolved quickly, we promise to continue updating it periodically. We appreciate your understanding “.

The one-day strike, which was launched to attract federal government attention to the plight of its members, was suspended after a meeting with federal government officials, and the union agreed to halt the one-day strike.

Comrade Joe Ajiro, national president of NUEE, said the understanding came after the outcome of the meeting at which workers’ complaints were addressed.