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Alex Ekubo Has Apologized To Me – Ubi Franklin



Ubi Franklin, who became entangled in an Instagram showdown with Alex Ekubo days ago, revealed that the Nollywood actor apologized to him.

“Stop allowing motivational speakers to take you to a place of deception and intense confusion. Not everyone will be entrepreneurs. ” This, of course, made Alex comment by saying; “Ubi, you are the pilot of the flight. Awon inspires a desire to sweat.

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However, while the fans are still waiting to see how the dispute for brewing will end, the MMMG chief said he stopped doing it when Alex apologized.

“He (Ekubo) was kidding, but I didn’t understand the joke. He has already sent a message to apologize. It wasn’t that serious. Every time I’m going to talk, I always let people know that entrepreneurship is not easy. The fact that we don’t publish our bugs online doesn’t mean that many of us don’t fail.

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“So, for me, I didn’t understand his joke, but he already sent me a message, and I have no problem with him. When you have a friend that you see all the time and things like that come from him, you expect me to have called you, and both discuss it. Honestly, I didn’t know it was a joke until you sent me a message that I regretted doing it. Before we knew it, everyone had already seen the post, but I had already apologized, so it isn’t a problem. ” Ubi Franklin told Saturday Beats.