Another video of two Ekiti University students ‘doing stuffs’ in swimming pool goes viral, and there is a problem

Just when we thought that the students of the University of Nigeria had learned one or two lessons from the viral video of Babcock students filming themselves making love in a mental institution, another video went viral, but this time, it is two University lovers said to him located in the state of Ekiti.

In a recent video, which has gone viral on social networks; Twitter, especially, a boy and a girl were seen throwing caution into the wind and doing the unthinkable in a public pool, which, of course, is totally strange and condemnable.

Both lovers, who are said to be students of a university that has not yet been revealed in the state of Ekiti, were discreetly filmed by an unidentified viewer, who was pleased to make a video of this material for adults.

Of course, the culprits were not aware, since it is seen that the woman was having a good time being dragged by the boy’s ‘blows of pleasure’, that he took the time not only to caress, but also to caress his lips with yours. .

Click here to watch video.