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APC candidate concedes defeat, tasks Abia lawmaker



The Congress of All Progressives, APC, candidate for the constituency of Umuahia East in the last elections of 2019 in the state of Abia, Mr. Austin Okezie Meregini, admitted the defeat after the judgment of the Court of Appeals that reaffirmed the Verdict of the National Assembly / Election of the Chamber of the Assembly Court of Petitions that sat in Umuahia.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that The Court had dismissed the claim filed by the APC candidate, challenging the re-election of HE. Chukwudi Apugo, the candidate of the Democratic People’s Party (PDP) as the legislator representing the constituency of the state of East Umuahia.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that Chukwudi Apugo was declared the winner of the elections held on March 9, 2019, by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in the Eastern Umuahia constituency.

Dissatisfied with the development, Okezie Meregini (petitioner), addressed the Electoral Petitions Court to challenge the statement of the PDP candidate, Chukwudi Apugo. On August 19, 2019, the Court confirmed the victory of Apugo.

He is still not comfortable with the decision of the Electoral Petitions Court, HE. Meregini went to the Owerri Court of Appeals, asking the Court to review the evidence on the ground and annul the Court’s decision and declare him the legitimate winner of the elections.

However, the Court of Appeals confirmed the decision of the electoral tribunal and affirmed the victory of HE. Chukwudi Apugo.

But Meregini, addressing journalists in Umuahia, capital of the state of Abia, congratulated his opponent, the honorable Apugo, for his victory.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that The APC chief assured the state legislator of his support to help make the eastern constituency of Umuahia stand out among other voters.

The statement said: “First, I thank Almighty God for everything so far. And I have to congratulate my opponent Hon. Chukwudi Apugo on his victory finally in the Court of Appeals. Although I have some reservations about the judgments of the courts, I have no choice but to accept it as the will of God.

“I strongly believe in democracy and its principles as the best form of government and I am happy that democracy is evolving strongly in Nigeria. I urge all my followers to continue to comply with the law despite the disappointment we have suffered.

“I believe that God’s time is the best. I am willing to provide support in any way I can to ensure that Umuahia East stands out among other constituencies in the state of Abia.”