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APGA chieftain, Chidi Ajaegbu dumps party, gives reasons



The senatorial candidate of the Grand Alliance of All Progressives (APGA) for the central district of Abia in the last elections of 2019 and the former president of the Institute of Public Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), Chidi Ajaegbu, criticized the national president of the party Ozonkpu Victor Oye over the alleged internal dispute that shook some state chapters of APGA.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that Ajaegbu, who made this known in a press release made available to journalists and obtained by Latest Nigeria newspaper on Tuesday, also claimed that the party was doomed to Oye’s undemocratic leadership style, which he said caused the elective positions of the match.

However, he took the opportunity to announce his resignation as a member of the APGA in the state of Abia, and insisted that the removal of Oye as the national president of the party would pave the way for internal democracy to thrive in the APGA.

His words, “How else can you explain the abysmal performance of the party at the polls if it weren’t for this obvious sale? How else can you explain that a party that had 11 seats in the state assembly in 2015 now struggles to retain only 2 (two) in 2019? How else can one explain that the state senators and legislators in the state of Anambra lost the elections to the opposition parties in the state of Anambra, where APGA is the ruling party?

“Before the elections, I expressed my dissatisfaction with the leadership of Victor Oye. Party forms were delivered to the highest bidders and internal democracy was thrown at the dogs. This, of course, greatly affected the fortune of the party at the polls.

“I expected that after the abysmal performance of APGA in 2019, the leadership of my party will establish a new group of leaders to position the party for the general elections of 2023. I made it clear that if the door to the direction of the party was not shown under Victor Hey, I’d leave the game. I have waited so long because I did not want my departure to be misunderstood.

“In our State of Abia, this Victor Oye strengthened Chikwe Udensi and Ahamdi Nweke to destabilize the party and ensure that our party weakened in that election, thus playing the script of their PDP teachers in the state.

“Unfortunately, Victor Oye and his cohorts were perpetuated in office through a very controversial convention; A situation that I can no longer tolerate or accept. I have decided that I will not embark on another fruitless journey with this APGA.

“In fact, it is shameful that every time I declare my membership in APGA to people, the question they always ask me is what faction. Instead of joining to prepare for the general elections of 2023, what we see are internal disputes of party members, with factions claiming one form of legitimacy or another.

“The factions are clear indications that there were and continue to be enemies inside, working against the interest of the party, possibly working for other parties, as was evident during the last primaries and the royal elections. The situation in my party has made it impossible for me to fulfill the purpose for which I joined the party and politics in general; That is the search for people’s agenda.

“In view of the above, I am obligated to resign my APGA membership with immediate effect. I no longer belong to any party, and for now I leave partisan politics in the state of Abia and Nigeria. ”