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Arewa group defends Ruga Settlement, blasts Ohanaeze’s Nwodo, Fani-Kayode



One group, the Forum of Defenders of Arewa, ADF, has launched its support for the position of the Youth Coalition of the North on the need to have the Ruga settlements in the country.

The forum said that the need for Ruga’s settlement was to reduce the mobility of livestock keepers, so that sponsored terrorists to destabilize the North would eventually be exposed.

Nuruddeen Alkasim, national president of Arewa Defenders Forum, in a statement issued after an emergency meeting in Kaduna, said: “We support the position of the Coalition of Youth Groups of the North on the need to have

the Ruga settlements to reduce mobility of livestock. “Breeders, so that sponsored terrorists to destabilize the North are finally exposed for who they really are.”

The forum warned Chief John Nnia Nwodo, president of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide, that he should take into account his religious propaganda against the presidency of Buhari and the young people of the north.

The group declared that Nwodo is a forgotten and frustrated politician, desperate for recognition in the media, hiding behind his hatred against the North through an open and cruel attack on Ruga’s policy and insulting the North as a people. .

ADF expressed disappointment at the Ohanaeze leader’s claims about the alleged Islamization and the alanization of the country, and stressed that Ruga’s proposal was designed to end the suspicious killings with the name of Fulanis and his Northern identity by political convenience.

“Let someone tell Nwodo that he was the same Fulani he so hated that once he raised him as a non-entity, full of envy for the region and made him a minister.

“This is a clear indication that Nwodo is an ungrateful and voluntary tool in an agenda calculated to destroy the North, based on religious and ethnic feelings,” the forum said.

The group said that Nwodo has only managed to expose himself as one of those southeastern elites who have lost contact with reality; those who do not want to end the mass murder of northerners by people disguised as shepherds, in a cautious agenda to kill agriculture, threaten the food security of the region, its security and, in general, exhaust the economy of the north.

The group also objected to the Ohanaeze leader’s call that all Igbo should be ready to defend themselves, adding that in this way, the Ohanaeze leader called on them to resort to arms.

He urged the federal government to monitor all the southern elites who oppose ending the killings in the north and investigate whether they have any links to the circulation of weapons used in the killings and the razing of villages.

Addressing another former minister and virulent critic of Ruga’s policy, the ADFs said: “We were not surprised by Fani Kayode’s unguarded statements because her position has always been on issues related to the interests of the North.

“Practically all federal government policies capable of stabilizing the North or promoting justice, equity and national unity become the axis of Fani Kayode.
Attacks vitriolicos means.

“Therefore, we were not surprised that the coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) has become their new target to attack the media.”

The group also argued thus: “Coming from the only part of Nigeria that has so far enjoyed economic and political patronage more than enough, with our son, President Buhari in charge of the reigns of power, it is in fact shameful, and
The covert hypocrisy of Fani Kayode openly insulting the North, which gave them unlimited access to opportunities as a strategy to promote nationals.
Unity and stability “.

The forum warned the leader of Ohanaeze and what he called his collaborators, especially Fani Kayode, to put an end to their meaningless and politically motivated campaigns and allow the federal government to continue with its agenda to
Peace through the proposed policy of Ruga.

“We dare to say that this is a beautiful policy that to date has the full support of prominent Nigerians, including groups of elder statesmen such as the Northern Elders Forum (NEF) and Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) and dozens of groups from the civil society of the South, “the ADF explained.

The group warned that unless something was done about individuals or groups opposed to ending the killings in the North, it is assumed that there are hidden interests that are against a viable solution to the multiple security and security challenges. others from the region.

“While we warn these three serial attackers of both North and national interests, we urge the Federal Government to resubmit that proposal, because it is a window of opportunity for