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ASUU Slams Buhari, Says His Education Policy Is Against Nigerian Children



The Union of Academic Personnel Universities (ASUU), yesterday, insisted on the need for the federal government to improve funds for the academic sector of the nation.

The academic body further addressed the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, saying that his current policies are capable of killing public universities.

The president, chapter of the ASUU of the University of Ibadan, Professor Deji Omole, said that the current situation is capable of encouraging crime and other social vices among young people.

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He also stated that the university system does not currently have enough staff and that workers are poorly paid.

Prof. Omole lamented that, due to lack of funds, more than 500,000 Nigerian children who wish to be educated at a public university are rejected annually.

“The fact that the APC government does not fund education is a design to kill public universities. The University of Ibadan is moaning terribly due to the shortage of funds. Retired academics cannot be replaced because the government deliberately refused to make budgetary provisions for growth and development. ”

“This crisis has led to personnel on the ground being overburdened with work, leading to the early death of many of our colleagues. Education is not the priority of this government. ”

“Due to the shortage of funds, many universities, including the University of Ibadan, the country’s leading university, cannot admit many qualified candidates at universities.”

“This is dangerous for society because the qualified and brilliant rejected candidates can eventually take crimes because the country has rejected them. “Politics is not only perverse but criminal,” he said.