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Atiku vs Buhari: Alleged plot to handpick 7 justices against ex-VP at Supreme Court uncovered



The United Political Parties Coalition, CUPP, has raised a new alarm about the alleged ongoing plot by the government of President Muhammadu Buhari to alter and get rid of the ancient tradition of selecting the seven senior judges as members of the Appeal Petition for Presidential Election.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that CUPP pledged to reject any movement to select the judges to settle at the appeal of Atiku Abubakar in violation of the tradition of electing the highest-ranking judges.

The Coalition said it would not have confidence in a panel of carefully selected judges to hear Atiku’s appeal.

At a press conference in Abuja on Thursday, the CUPP National Advertising Secretary, Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere, said: “As you know, the consensual opposition candidate Alhaji Atiku Abubakar approached the Supreme Court of Nigeria to appeal the controversial and unpopular trial of the Court. Of appeal that dismissed your request.

“According to the provisions of the 4th amendment of the 1999 constitution, as amended, the Supreme Court of Nigeria has 60 days from the date of filing of the Notice of Appeal. These processes have begun, and everyone is waiting for the composition of the names of the 7-man panel by the President of Justice of Nigeria.

“We have proper authority that the Federal Government led by APC of the Congress of All Progressives has been exerting undue pressure on the President of the Supreme Court of the Federation and, in fact, throughout the Court to accept a carefully selected panel and dismiss the lifelong tradition of the Court selecting the highest judges of the Supreme Court to sit on the board.

“The restlessness and lousy blood caused by the APC in the Supreme Court is now an apparent desecration of the highest justice temple on earth. The opposition and most Nigerians will not accept a carefully selected panel, nor will the pronouncement of that panel require the necessary respect and trust of the people of Nigeria and us in the opposition.

“Gentlemen, the Supreme Court is for the people, the last hope of the judiciary. The actions of the Supreme Court should inspire public confidence and offer not only judgment but also justice, and that path to justice is not just about the law but about the common man who believes justice has been done.

“The Supreme Court is Supreme, and its words must be for the protection of society and people and the law. A grave mistake was made in the Court of Appeals, and the nation is waiting to see how a man who violated the Electoral Law and was supposed to have been disqualified managed to survive in the Court of Appeals. That Court ruled both in matters of law and issues of national interest.

“Today, corruption has been impregnated at the highest levels of the Presidency, today Nigeria is more indebted than ever before, today the suffering citizens are being taxed until death, today there is a madness to generate income even at the risk of stripping to the citizens of its Minimum purchasing power that has almost lost all its value due to the mismanagement of this incompetent administration.

“Today, public funds are spent without appropriate appropriation and responsibility. Today they have increased VAT to 7.2%. Today they tax citizens to deposit their money in banks; today they tax citizens for the withdrawal of their money. Today they ask citizens to pay the stamp duty and the money is not accounted for.

“Today citizens pay a higher electricity rate without reciprocal electricity supply. Today they have borrowed money both locally and internationally more than any other government in our history, but they cannot pay the minimum wage to the workers. Beyond these unpleasant policies, citizens are denied daily their basic right to freedom of expression.

“The Government has breached its basic duty, which is the protection of lives and property. Today, all parts of the country are insecure with bandits and terrorists raping and destroying.

“The economy is bad because the leader has no capacity to govern and has given his duties to people not elected. Citizens are accused before the Court for terrorism for simply speaking out against this error, while their supporters ask for a third term and work assiduously to achieve such unconstitutional ambition.

“This administration failed in the electoral reform, failed in security, failed in the economy, failed in the fight against corruption, failed to make any decent investment in the health sector, failed to register any success in education, foreign Investments are lower than they used to be, and Nigeria is sinking more and more into the depression of poverty and our economy, which once grew, is now the center of poverty in the world.

“The judiciary is castrating daily. Judges are requested that if they rule against the Government’s interest, this attack against the judges was carried out to silence the judiciary and use it as a center for information exchange. Disobedience to the court’s legal orders from the government is now the order of the day.

“The exit is in the hands of the judges of the Supreme Court, who will be asked to pronounce themselves in the interest of the law, the national interest, the unification and enthronement of a competent leadership and that journey begins with the composition of the members of the presidential electoral appeal panel that will hear the Atiku Appeal in the Supreme Court.

“We are back in this matter because we have received a reinforced intelligence that the tradition of the composition of a panel formed by experienced judges based on their antiquity is about to be broken. This complaint is a painful path that we would have avoided by the image of the Supreme Court, but knowing the desperation of the people and their hatred for decency and order, we cannot shut up knowing that they consider people with disdain.

“By this means we alert the nation once again and loudly that there is still an ongoing plot designed and pressed by the allies of the ruling APC who know that it will be difficult, if not impossible by law, for the president to escape from a fair and neutral country adjudication of the appeal without consequences and, therefore, the desperation to violate the tradition of the majority of the judges of high rank who sit in the appeal before the Supreme Court.

“Let’s say it here, all the Supreme Court judges are eminently qualified, but in view of the difficult times where anarchy and violation of the procedure are now common and with troublemakers willing to capture all state government institutions in a attempt to maintain a contaminated presidential mandate, the opposition rejects and will not support any movement to alter the order of seniority that has been in practice since 1979 to date and used in the selection of the majority of the judges of the supreme court that sits on the panels of electoral disputes. in the supreme court

“We said this knowing that we were all here when we shouted a few days before the elections about the forced removal of military style of the former President of the Supreme Court of Nigeria and the installation of another against the express orders of the Court that restricted him and that it was for a day like this The Buhari APC knew that it will manipulate the elections and worked to try to destabilize and intimidate our courts.

“The opposition wants this old tradition of composing the panel of presidential election disputes to be maintained in order of seniority because we don’t trust the alteration of the seniority list under a federal APC government led by Buhari. They and some institutions have not earned our trust in this dispute to claim our mandate.

“The opposition calls the Nigerians and all lovers of democracy and freedom; If you are sleeping, WAKE UP! If you are eating, STOP! Now is the time to stand back on the barricade to save Nigeria. If they destroy the confidence we have in our Supreme Court in an attempt to keep in power a leader who does not work, our nation is finished and we must get up and talk before we are all consumed.