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Atiku vs Buhari: Opposition political parties fire back at Supreme Court, make fresh allegations



The United Political Parties Coalition, CUPP, has said that the Supreme Court attack against him (CUPP) is a confirmation of his previous claim that there was an unholy alliance of the main court and the Congress of All Progressives, APC.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that CUPP insisted that there was an ongoing plan to alter the order of appointment of the Appeals Panel for Presidential Elections and select members.

The higher court had previously described CUPP’s claim as “flagrant falsehood, misinformation and malicious rumors that are sold generously.”

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that The court warned the party to stop what it called hidden falsehood and slander campaign.

However, in a statement signed and made available by Latest Nigeria newspaper on Tuesday by Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere, its Secretary of Publicity, in response to the warning of the main court, the coalition told the Nigerian President of Justice, CJN, that he will listen More of them.

The statement added: “The United Political Parties Coalition (CUPP) has again read with dismay an accredited statement before the Supreme Court in which the main court that is expected to be neutral in all matters descended heavily in the coalition to alert Nigerians about the problem that concerns them and the nation.

“The Supreme Court, with that statement, descended successfully to the arena, took sides and decided to join problems with the opposition, perhaps because the alleged quiet plan and the alliance with the Federal Government led by APC had been ruled out.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that The CUPP and the opposition had already exposed the plan to alter the order of seniority that is used to appoint the judges of the Supreme Court who sit on the presidential appeal since 1979. We insist that the plan is to truncate the appeal filed by the Coalition consensus candidate and presidential candidate of the Popular Democratic Party, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

“It is noteworthy that the attack against CUPP by the highest court in the country came less than 24 hours after the APC issued its own statement in which it threw caution to the wind, shot a child arrow at the great opposition alliance and said things that cannot be printed on the opposition without addressing the issues raised and claiming that Nigeria is an imaginary one-party state.

“We know that it is not a coincidence that the two separate statements of the ruling party and the cusp court arrived almost at the same time. The launches were clearly syndicated. It is a confirmation of our long-standing belief that something sinister is happening.

“They have confirmed that they both read the same book and are on the same page. Interested parties are expected to leave their holes one after another because the opposition has exposed them.

“The President of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, Tanko Muhammed, has removed his mask and, through this statement, smelling of malice and hatred towards opposition members, and through the Supreme Court has tried to attack the integrity of the great opposition alliance, the CUPP and the twisted facts.

“Nigerians must also bear in mind that nowhere in the declaration did the Supreme Court gather the courage to deny the facts so clearly declared by the opposition, knowing that the same is true and correct.

“So who are those people with ‘excessive ambition’ that the Supreme Court speaks of? Is the Court trying to tell us that any of the litigants has an excessive ambition that should not be allowed to see the light of day?

“Has the Supreme Court already ruled the appeal in a hurry without even constituting a panel? Such a severe and biased comment should not emanate from a highly respected Court such as the Supreme Court of Nigeria. The person who made that Declaration should know that the Court exists to serve Nigerians and Nigerians have all the rights to share concerns regarding real events that have recently become the norm in our Judiciary.

“If the spokesman of the Supreme Court had nothing worth saying, the Court should have maintained a respectable silence. The use of words such as “orchestrated slander campaign” has led the Court to the arena of politics.

“What was expected of any Supreme Court was simply to reassure citizens about their dedication and commitment to justice, rather than attacking citizens. Is there anything this Court wants us to do? Does the Supreme Court also want to restrict citizens’ freedom of expression?

“If the Court can speak so harshly to citizens for expressing their concerns about justice, we are condemned to accept the jokes of the media by the Executive as a normal act. God help us.

“Therefore, we are assuring those who have made their new occupation that they are attacking the Opposition that they will soon hear from the CUPP about indisputable facts and evidence of abuse of charges against them, which will put a big question mark for its permanence continues in the public space.

“Now that they have brought firewood infested with ants, they have called a party for the lizards.

“The President of the Supreme Court of Nigeria should not be allowed to drag the Supreme Court to the mud in his personal search for an unpopular agenda and in his effort to reach the Opposition for opposing the controversial procedure of his appointment as President of the Supreme Court from Nigeria

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that The ongoing attack against the Opposition by the Supreme Court and APC, including threats of intimidation and harm against coalition spokesman Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere, will not make us abandon the fight for justice / equity and our opposition to the stranger movement to alter the order of seniority in the composition of the panel of judges to hear Atiku’s appeal in the Supreme Court.

“The CUPP of the Nigerian Opposition Coalition wishes to state clearly that the only way out of this challenge is for the CJN to constitute the Supreme Court panel that will hear Atiku’s appeal in order of seniority in accordance with the tradition of all life that has been in practice since 1979. This will create an appearance of protecting the Supreme Court from APC policy and the federal government’s kidnapping agenda.

“The world and the Nigerians are waiting and waiting for the official composition of the panel to be presented at the Atiku Presidential Election Campaign to find out if the Supreme is still independent or has been kidnapped by Buhari APC agents.

“We are on this call and we dare to say that no amount of blackmail and slander campaign by the Supreme Court and the APC, jointly or separately, will make us change course.”