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Bayelsa guber: PDP accused of producing fake PVCs named ‘Biafra Cards’



The All Progressive Congress (APC) said it discovered fake permanent voter cards (PVC) manufactured on a large scale by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) before the Bayelsa state governor’s elections on November 16.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that In a statement signed by its deputy secretary of national advertising, Mr. Yekini Nabena, in Abuja on Friday, APC claimed that the fake PVC had been codenamed “Biafra Cards” by the PDP.

According to Nabena, the PDP chapter of Bayelsa state has begun large-scale manufacturing of fake PVC.

“We are receiving real-time reports that the government led by the PDP in the state is manufacturing fake permanent voter cards (PVC) codenamed” Biafra cards “in the Government House.”

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that The APC chief alleged that some of the fake PVC manufactured were deposited in the residence of the Deputy Chief of Staff before the state governor in-room Odoni eight in the Sagbama Local Government Area (LGA) of the state.

He recalled that during the 2019 presidential and National Assembly elections in the state, only 22 smart card readers of the 69 stolen by political thugs were recovered by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

“The government led by PDP in Bayelsa plans to configure the 47 smart card readers that are still in their possession with the fake PVCs that PDP is currently mass-producing.

“I ask our security and intelligence agencies to urgently carry out strategic raids to stop illegal PDP operations, recover smart card readers and clean up the fake PVCs that the party has codenamed” Biafra cards, “he said.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that Nabena asked President Muhammadu Buhari to lead security, the fight against corruption, and other relevant agencies to intervene to ensure trouble-free elections in the state.

He urged the electorate to resist the alleged conspiracies of the PDP-led government to force the candidate for governor in Bayelsans through fraud, vote-buying, and violence.

The APC chief asked INEC to rise to the occasion and ensure a free, fair, and credible survey.

Reacting, the Secretary of State Publicity, the PDP, Mackbere Osom dismissed the accusation and urged the public to ignore it and insisted that the APC was not ready to challenge the governor’s elections.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that Osom said APC had demonstrated that he was not ready to boycott the governor’s debate by saying he was only making statements to distract the PDP.

“Ask APC why they are not campaigning. PDP is busy campaigning for the Bayelians, but APC wants to rely on “federal power.” We are waiting for you. Is PDP or INEC responsible for producing PVC? Let them go and campaign.

“APC had the opportunity to present its programs to the Bayelians during the debate on governance, but because they have a candidate who is not ready, he escaped. PDP has been winning elections since 1999, and we don’t need to produce PVC to defeat APC, “he said.