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Bayelsa: Tribunal dismisses PDP petition, upholds APC candidate’s victory



The Court of Electoral Petitions for Elections of the National Assembly has rejected the petition presented by the People Democratic Party (PDP) against the victory of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in the 2019 National Assembly elections.

Latest Nigeria Newspaper report that The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) had declared Hon Israel Sunny-Goli of the APC winner of the federal constituency Nembe / Brass polling 41,150 votes against his rival in the closet, Mrs. Marie Enenimiete Ebikake of the PDP, who voted 19, 279.

Ebikake, however, in a petition labeled EPT / BY / REP / 13/2019 had prayed to the Court to annul the election of Sunny-Goli citing the breach of the provisions of the Electoral Law and violence in seven neighborhoods of Nembe Bassambiri.

Latest Nigeria Newspaper report that The court led by Judge Lambert Azuama, with Judges Ruqayat Ayoola and Linda Yarosong as members, in its ruling dismissed the petition for lack of documentary evidence and affirmed the victory of the Hon. Sunny- Goli.

Sunny-Goli, in an interview with DAILY POST, described the outcome of the Court as a victory for democracy and for the people of the federal district of Nembe / Brass.

Latest Nigeria Newspaper report that The federal legislator, who extended a hand of fellowship to Mrs. Ebikake, urged her to join hands with him to attract development to the constituency and reiterated her determination to give the people of the federal constituency of Nembe / Brass quality representation .

“Well, the Court again affirmed my victory at the polls. It is a victory for the people of my constituency. I thank God and our leader, the Minister of State of Petroleum, Chief Timipe Sylva, for supporting me. I also congratulate the people of the federal district of Nembe / Brass for their unwavering support throughout the case. Now is the time to work. There is so much to do to bring development to our people.

“We can’t keep crawling with litigation. It’s time to keep going forward. I want to assure my people that I will not disappoint them. I promised you a quality representation in the House of Representatives. I also assure you that I will do my best to attract infrastructure development to the constituency. ”

“Gone are the days when the representatives are silent. I want to attract developments to my constituency. I would consult them regularly to make contributions so that the development that the Federal Government brings is the one they want. My constituents must be sure that they will enjoy the dividends of democracy.

“My opponent is like a mother to me. I want to congratulate her for having a good fight, but it’s time for us to join. There is no need for further litigation. If she had won the elections, she would not have addressed the matter in court. We need to gather heads to develop our people. Today it is I who in the National Assembly, tomorrow it could be her and I would also support her ”.