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BBNaija: Tacha risks eviction [VIDEO]



Elder brother Naija, BBNaija’s housemate, Tacha, participated in a heated discussion with his housemate, Joe, on Friday. Tacha rained insults on Joe as he threatened to touch her.

It’s unclear why they argued, but Tacha had warned Joe to stay away from her, but he refused. Joe approached Tacha and touched the comforter, which enraged her even more until she hit him in the face.

This action can cause Tacha to receive a hit from Big Brother or a possible eviction of the Pepper Dem edition since it is contrary to BBNaija’s rules to participate in a physical fight or use violence in the house.

GISTOK recalls that Ike and Omashola received a strike after their outrage on Saturday night after their coins disappeared.

Omasola had broken the house rules to threaten his housemates after his 100 coins were no longer in the Bible where he kept them. Ike also broke the rule after he noticed that his coins were missing and threatened with fire and sulfur.