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Be wary of cryptic pregnancy – Gynecologist warns women



Dr. Dangor Kalio, chief of gynecology at Rivers State University Hospital, warned against what is widely known among women as cryptic pregnancy.

In an interview with GISTOK on Monday, Dr. Kalio described the act as evil. Dr. Kalio said the practice is an act of fraud used by healers to extort women who desperately need a conception.

The gynecologist consultant, who confirmed the existence of a cryptic pregnancy, said it is a risky form of pregnancy since the women involved do not submit to the usual routine of pregnant women.

According to Dr. Kalio, “if there are doctors who inject substances to their clients in others so that they can get pregnant, that is a fraudulent plan. Is a gotcha.

“You can not infuse the cryptic pregnancy in a woman. They are only tricking women into making money with them.

“In the real sense of cryptic pregnancy, pregnancy is there, but it is not detected. That is to say, the carrier of pregnancy does not know it: standard conventional methods have not discovered it from the moment the presentation was made, until delivery.

“But the highlight of this is that women who have this have irregular menstruation. And also, women who take many contraceptives may not believe they are pregnant.

“Let me also tell you that cryptic pregnancy comes with serious complications, especially in a situation where the fetus dies in the womb.”

Recent reports indicate that women became pregnant during a cryptic pregnancy, which involves doctors who induce women with different medications to become pregnant.