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Benue Council election: PDP takes protest to Ortom, Ngbede over zoning in Ogbadibo



Stakeholders of the Preople Democratic Party (PDP) of Barrio 1 de Itabono and other party leaders have written a letter of protest to the governor of the state of Benue, Dr. Samuel Ortom against the interim president of the local government of Ogbadibo, Prince Samuel UN on what they described as “political falsehood” and an attempt to undermine existing zoning structures in Owukpa.

The letter entitled, “Protest against His Excellency Prince Onuh, provisional president of the local government of Ogbadibo for his political falsehood,” was signed by the president of the PDP district, the secretary, the leader of the women, the leader of the youth and other interested parties of the party and it was distributed on Wednesday.

Onuh has purchased the PDP interest and nomination form to challenge the Ogbadibo presidential elections against the existing party and the traditional zoning formula.

The 3-page protest letter dated October 28, 2019 was addressed directly to Governor Ortom and copied to the president of the State Party, John Ngbede, the leader of the Ogbadibo party, Adaba Abah (Mad Lion) and the president of the party of the Council, Hon Vincent Amuche, respectively. .

In the letter, the Excos and the neighborhood stakeholders expressed their disappointment for what they described as “the political falsehood of Prince Onuh,” to hijack the zoning space of Ward’s presidency position, which had already been previously agreed upon. , which was previously agreed by the interest groups of the Owukpa party.

The letter says in part: “The reason for our protest, therefore, is that surprisingly, Hon Onuh, the interim president went ahead and bought his form claiming that the presidency position has been divided into areas of his neighborhood (EHAJE WARD 1) contrary to the acceptance of the zoning formula and what was agreed by the Owukpa PDP group …

Interested parties appealed to Gov Ortom to quickly call Onuh to order before he destroys the zoning formula that exists in Ogbadibo since its creation in 1991.

“Therefore, we appeal to His Excellency to call His Excellency. Just to order respect the zoning formula. If Onuh is allowed to continue, the zoning structure in Ogbadibo will be disorganized and its consequences will be severe. ”

“Finally, the zoning policy begins in Ogbadibo since its creation in 1991 and has always been respected in the LG to the districts and neighborhood levels.”

Upon confirming the source of the letter in a phone call, PDP president Itabono Ward 1, Jerome Ameh, said that, of course, he was aware of the letter, stating that interested parties and PDP leaders Itabono Ward 1 took the decision at a meeting held in Makurdi, Capital of the state of Benue.

“I was part of the meeting in Makurdi where we made the decision to write the letter to His Excellency on the activities of the interim president, Onuh in Owukpa, against the zoning structure of the party and the community.”

In response to whether or not he personally signed the letter, he said: “We made the decision in Makurdi and the letter should also be written in Makurdi for the sake of other interested parties residing in the state capital and for an easy and fast transmission to the governor . Therefore, the party leaders residing in the village, including myself, agreed that the letter should be written and signed on our behalf, since we could not wait to add our signatures due to lack of time. ”