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Benue Election: PDP wins at Court of Appeal



The Court of Appeals, sitting in Makurdi, affirmed on Wednesday the election of the President of the Benue State Assembly, Titus Uba, on behalf of the Kyan state constituency.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that Judge E. J. Ekanem, in his main trial, held that the appeal filed against the President by Gwaza Ujamatyu of the All Progressives Congress (APC), lacked merit.

Consequently, Judge Ekanem dismissed the appeal and confirmed the previous decision of the request / election court of the National / State Assembly that favored Uba of PDP.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that The court held that, since the appellants did not raise any grounds for their appeal challenging the court’s decision regarding the evidence of their witnesses, therefore, it marked the end of the witness evidence forever.

Reacting, the President, through his Chief of Staff, Terkimbi Akaaka, applauded the ruling. He added that the court’s decision reflected the wishes of the masses.