Buhari reacts angrily to UN report on violence in Nigeria

President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday reacted to the reports of the UN rapporteur on violence in Nigeria.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that Garba Shehu, his spokesman, said in a statement that, while the presidency agrees that violence in Nigeria, or any country, is a significant concern and that there is an undulating effect, he felt disappointed because the rapporteur did say Nothing about the violence group.

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He said: “In Benue, Taraba, the states of Cross River and many parts of the country, most of the victims are the result of intragroup, intergroup and community violence. Many of the displaced people across the country are also victims of these conflicts.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that There is absolutely no doubt that violence between farmers and shepherds, which has a long history in our country has skyrocketed in recent years, but the efficiency with which federal and state authorities responded made a big difference.” Calm has returned virtually all parties affected by peculiar violence.

“Therefore, we are saddened that the rapporteur has not addressed intra-ethnic conflicts and theft of cattle as critical elements in conflicts between shepherds and farmers. In the state of Benue, for example, the conflict and kidnapping of Tiv / Jukun is a significant problem. We are pleased that local communities have fully realized this, and academics with a strong motivation for peace and stability in their communities and the nation are trying to address the problem.

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“Ignoring the most prominent problems will not help solve the problem. If you are going to address violence and general insecurity in Nigeria, incidents everywhere should be part of the narrative.

Failure to address this could make it easier to blame the Federal Government, but national peace and security are community-based and are a collective responsibility. “Arrests, prosecution, and confinement of people are only small parts of the National Security strategy.

“In the state of Benue, as mentioned earlier, the work of an American scholar of extraction of Tiv, Professor Dick Adzenge, deserves special mention for trying to address aspects of violence. The expectation that arresting and imprisoning people is the only credible response to violence is a mistake. Professor Adzenge and some others like him are working with young people, traditional rulers, and communities to seek peaceful conflict resolution and foster peaceful coexistence.

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Latest Nigeria newspaper report that The kind of effort we are talking about here so far has revealed interesting facts about the problem in the state of Benue that cannot be ignored.

“And it is the kind of support we seek from the UN rapporteur to inform, not the report that scratches the surface of the issue and then ends up blaming the government for the capable leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari. The UN representative must be sincere and impartial in his task. “