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CAN demands the removal of Tanko as president of Nigeria



Two days after the President of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad, asked for the amendment of the constitution to accommodate more aspects of the Shari’a law, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has reacted to the statement accredited before the President of the Supreme Court of the nation. .

INSIDE NIGERIA had previously reported that the President of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, Judge Ibrahim Tanko Mohammed, requested the amendment of the country’s constitution to accommodate some of the peculiarities of the Shari’a law.

While reacting to the accredited statement before the President of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, the Christian Association of Nigeria gave the alarm of a plan to Islamize Nigeria and supported his claim by pointing out that the President’s recent appointment was in favor of a particular religion.

The Christian group also requested the removal of Tanko and the President of the Supreme Court of Nigeria for the comment he described as reprehensible, reckless and insensitive.

The Christian association also revealed that the CJN is religiously committed and is no longer reliable in the dispensation of justice.

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In an accredited statement to the President of CAN, His Eminence, Rev Dr. Samson Ayokunle, which issued his Special Assistant (Media and Communications), Pastor Adebayo Oladeji reads;

“Attention has been drawn to the defense of the President of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, Judge Ibrahim Tanko Muhammed for the amendment of the Constitution with a view to adding more Sharia content.

“According to reports, Judge Muhammed made the call by declaring open the twentieth Annual Judges Conference at Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), the Simulated Court of the Zaria Law School.

“We have not seen the full text of the document presented and we learned that the President of the Supreme Court was represented at the event. Therefore, it is difficult to know if the speech was that of the President of the Supreme Court or his representative.

“We do not believe that the number one judicial officer in the country can make such a reckless and provocative statement.” How could the CJN say “we as Muslims have the numbers to amend the constitution”? It’s not possible. Either it was erroneously cited or out of context.

“Requesting a constitutional amendment with a view to adding more to the content of Sharia is not timely, provocative and unacceptable. Was the President of Justice of Nigeria deliberately placed there for the promotion of Islamic affairs or to be an impartial and fair judge for all, regardless of religion? It seems from this statement (if he did) that he was put there for the Islamization agenda.

“Those in the government are warned not to use the popularity or cheap acceptance that they seek to put two religious practitioners against each other.

“This type of declaration, if true, is sufficient for the President of the country to initiate the removal of this President from the Supreme Court. He is religiously partial and partisan. We have no more confidence in him. And once again we reiterate our defense of religious balance in the appointments made by the President.

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“Deferred appointments are direct contradictions with some parts of the 1999 Constitution (as amended). These include, among others, Sections 10, 13 (3-4), 15 (2) (d) and (4). It is widely believed that no country survives two civil wars. Our leaders must take into account the complexities of the people they lead.

“There have been presidents, who are Christians. During their time, there was never a time when they promoted their religion at the expense of others. Our leaders should stop serving the unity and peace of the country.

“Do we assume that what he said is the official position of this regime on interreligious relations? Why nobody in the leadership, either, the Executive or Legislative arm of the government assumed it? The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) is anxiously awaiting the refutation of the President of the Supreme Court of Nigeria on the unfortunate and neglected statements that can cause a religious crisis in the country. “