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Concern Mounts Over Possible Share Manipulation in MTN’s NSE Listing



Speculators on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and partners hanging tight to buy the offers of MTN Nigeria Communications Plc through the first sale of stock (IPO) may do as such at a high premium at whatever point the telco chooses to glide the IPO.

This is a result of the free buoy convenience MTN Nigeria was allowed by the capital market controllers to make ready for its posting last Thursday, even as MTN practiced its alternative on inclination shares worth N145 billion every day after the posting and proceeded to get a further N200 billion from Nigerian banks, to satisfy the inclination investors at the posting cost of N90 per share, a source uncovered.

These advancements are as of now making illiquidity and driving MTN Nigeria’s offer value, which picked up 21 percent in only two exchanging sessions, from the N90 per share it was recorded last Thursday, to the N108.90 per share it shut on Friday.

Investigators revealed to THISDAY that the goal of the repressed interest on MTN Nigeria’s offers was to drive the cost of the stock exceptionally high before any offer offering through an IPO.

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Moreover, one investigator said the IPO may set aside a more extended effort to come, as the telco is told to stow away under the affirmed $2 billion expense liabilities slapped on them by the Office of The Attorney General ( AGF) rather than the Federal Inland Revenue Service( FIRS) to defer the open offer offering that was relied upon to be valuable to a mess of retail financial specialists and partners, while few existing investors are as of now making feed in an illiquid showcase for MTN shares.

As per a source who is exceptionally acquainted with MTN Nigeria’s undertakings, “The majority of the financial specialists, lost esteem due to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) fine a year ago. Thus, this Listing by Introduction in the NSE was being intended to make an “esteem recuperation” for the past speculators and make ready for them to auction their offers, in the wake of driving the cost to the ideal dimension which a senior stock intermediary said was sheer ” share control.” He further opined that “this can occur in Nigeria. On the off chance that you attempt such in The New York Stock Exchange or even the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, the controllers and law implementation will jump on you.”

“There are around 700 investors who came in through the private arrangement that is right now permitted to cross these offers among themselves and with different purchasers. Be that as it may, the rest of the A-rundown investors and chiefs have been advised by legal advisors not to exploit the present value gratefulness until the IPO to maintain a strategic distance from legal difficulties and law implementation request.

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“So they need this offer to ascend to more than N150 to N200 per share, which enables them to recuperate and from there on, the organization would now glide an IPO…. What they (MTN Nigeria) are telling the business sectors and controllers is that they are postponing the IPO on account of the AGF’s order on unfulfilled duty obligations.”

Another investigator demanded, “What they are attempting to do is to control their offer cost to a dimension, at that point do their IPO.”

The posting prerequisites of the NSE permit organizations that need to list on the top-notch board to make 20 percent of the offers accessible for exchanging. The NSE permitted the MTN Listing by Introduction since they expected MTN to meet its Listing Rule 2.2.4b, where the NSE expressed that the “the estimation of its free buoy shares is equivalent to or above N40 billion on the date the Exchange gets its application to list.”

This was not met as just 5.542 million offers, at N90 per share was exchanged, so rather than N40 billion, the telco followed N498 million in the free buoy.

THISDAY checks additionally uncovered that that Rule even has a stipulation: “that The Exchange will every once in a while decide the market capitalization and free buoy necessity” as was done when Dangote recorded its offers by presentation and the NSE demanded, in any event, five percent of the offers be made accessible to all financial specialists which the Dangote Group confirmed to. This is not the situation with regards to MTN, which may have gotten special treatment – enabling the telco to make illiquidity of the offers in the market, and purposely so to drive up the offer cost.

MTN Nigeria, which was already obligated to Nigerian banks to the tune of N252 billion, a week ago consented to an arrangement for a new N200 billion syndicated credit with seven nearby banks. The organization was to seal the seven-year medium term office to satisfy its inclination investors.

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“The aim of raising the N200 billion was to satisfy all their inclination investors since they don’t need the offers to be accessible in the market to make any liquidity as of now,” examiners included.

THISDAY checks demonstrated that just 53.900 million offers were exchanged in the initial two days. While numerous financial specialists on the NSE were hysterically requesting for the offers, just 53.900 million proposals were executed in for the most part cross arrangements. In particular, 5.542 million offers were exchanged at N99 per share on Thursday, and 48.358 million offers at N108.90 per share on Friday because of a 10 percent day by day appreciation.

While MTN made underlying speculation of $300 million, when it came into Nigeria 18 years back, the telco has acknowledged over $6 billion in returns. MTN Nigeria’s income hit N1.04 trillion in its 2018 entire year results, an expansion of 17.2 percent contrasted and the N884.5 billion it recorded in 2017. The ascent in revenue was driven by voice income.

The Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) and Minister of Justice, Mr. Abubakar Malami, had last September guided MTN Nigeria to pay $2 billion to the government, being charges it purportedly neglected to dispatch to the legislature in the previous ten years. The AGF told MTN in a letter that his office made an abnormal state computation and arrived at the resolution that MTN Nigeria ought to have paid around $2 billion in expenses identifying with the importation of remote hardware and installments to outside providers in the course of the most recent 10 years and mentioned the organization to complete a self-appraisal of the duties.

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The AGF had expressed that the administration expected to recuperate up to $2 billion in assessment identifying with, bury alive, import obligations, VAT and retaining charges on imported products/installments.

Also, MTN Nigeria is liable to various dangers identifying with legal and administrative procedures to which it is presently a gathering or which could create later on. The organization’s association in the suit and managerial proceedings may antagonistically influence its notoriety.

For example, as of April 8, 2019, the total entirety guaranteed against the organization in on-going cases was around N231 billion; US$19,721,386.21; and GBP40, 000.

Moreover, case and administrative procedures are unusual and legitimate or administrative procedures in which MTN Nigeria is or may end up included (or settlements thereof) may have a material antagonistic impact on MTN Nigeria’s the same old thing, money related condition, consequences of activities and prospects.

MTN Nigeria had in the past confronted suit, and as of late been subject of various petitions, grievances and dangers of class-activity and different claims by contenders, providers, and supporters, in connection to spontaneous advertising message content conveyed to such endorsers.

The telco had additionally been subjecting of various objections by clients in connection to a SIM swap trick completed by telephone con artists, who look to get individuals’ private data to defraud them of banking reserves. If the organization is liable to any such suit or administrative procedures, later on, it could have a material antagonistic impact on its business, budgetary condition, aftereffects of tasks, and prospects.

MTN Nigeria was additionally engaged with a suit against the CBN concerning an interest by the bank for the aggregate of US$8.1 billion from the organization. The said whole was claimed to have been unlawfully exchanged from Nigeria utilizing Certificates of Capital Importation wrongly issued by CBN’s Authorized Dealers. This issue has, be that as it may, since been settled with the CBN.The remaining measure of the NCC fine owed to the Federal Government is about N165bn.

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The shareholding structure of MTN Nigeria is to such an extent that MTN International Limited with 15,485,544,050 is the controlling substance with 76.08 percent of the offers.

Then again, the non-controlling elements in the telco incorporate Stanbic IBTC Asset Management Limited with 1,962,349, 050 (9.64%); Victor Odili, 806,886,900 (3.96%); Mobile Telephone Network N.I.C.B.V with 559,720,150 (2.75%); Government Employees Pension Fund (spoken to by Public Investment Corporation SOC Limited), 355,281,650 units (1.75%) and Pascal Dozie with 340,409,900 units (1.67%).

Other non-controlling elements are Sani Mohammed Bello, 265,092,150 (1.30%); Babatunde Folawiyo, 218,815,100 (1.08%); Gbenga Oyebode with 181,776,250 units (0.89%); Mallam Ahmed Dasuki with 177,717,850 units (0.87%) and Karl Olutokun Toriola with 920,000 units (0.005%).