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Court dissolves Osibanjo’s four-year-old marriage



The president of a customary Mapo court, Ibadan, Chief Ademola Odunade has dissolved a four-year marriage between an Olanrewaju Osibanjo and Adedolapo for relentless repentance and problems.

Odunade said Friday that any union that could lead to disorder and the termination of life is not worth it. “In the interest of a peaceful life, the union between Olanrewaju and Adedolapo has ceased to be especially because there is no child in the union,” reports NAN.

“However, the plaintiff will pay N5,000 to the defendant so he can pack his belongings,” said the Arbitrator. Previously, Olanrewaju, a construction engineer and resident of the Oluyole industrial estate in Ibadan,

had informed the court that his wife was making her marriage an irritation because of her repentant regret and problems.

“My lord, apart from the fact that Adedolapo had refused to be productive when she got pregnant, has also refused to give me a peaceful marriage life through her constant and persistent attitude.

“To say the least, there is nothing I have not given Adedolapo to make her feel comfortable, but she continues to embarrass me not only at home and in public places but also in the Church.

“Sometimes, during church service, she could start to get angry with me. “I have reported her to her relatives, but she has refused to change a new sheet, and I do not want to resolve self-help, which could be tragic,” Olanrewaju said.

However, the defendant opposed the claim, but could not be clarified of the accusations against her because of the way she spoke. Adedolapo, a businesswoman, claimed that a prophetess was responsible for her husband’s decision to turn against her.

“My lord, Olanrewaju, and I never fought, except for a minor problem that took place on January 1 of this year.

“One day, I checked Olanrewaju’s cell phone and saw the number of a certain prophetess, who then came to tell my husband that I was a bad omen for him. “The prophetess misinformed her that I was not the right wife for Olanrewaju.

“I still love him, please help me save my marriage,” Adedolapo pleaded. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the defendant ignored the court’s decision to enter the car that her husband brought to return home with him.

Again, the intervention of the president of the court was necessary before Adedolapo could get out of the car.