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Court verdicts: INEC warns politicians against blackmail, grandstanding



The Independent National Electoral Commission has warned politicians not to use the verdict of the courts as a basis for extortion and electoral blackmail.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that The warning was issued on Thursday just 24 hours after the Supreme Court ruling that dismissed the appeal filed by the presidential candidate of the Popular Democratic Party in the 2019 elections.

Speaking at a dialogue session with the Resident Election Commissioners before the governor elections of November 16 in the states of Bayelsa and Kogi, the National Commissioner of INEC and chairman of its Voter Information and Education Committee, Festus Okoye, He said: “Courts and courts are only democratic mechanisms for resolving electoral conflicts.

The courts and tribunals are the servants of the electoral process and exist to correct the errors and allow the aggrieved litigants and petitioners to have their day in court.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that The courts and tribunals are not suitable for electoral blackmail or extortionist agreements or political exaltation.

It is important to take genuine and serious matters to court, while professional litigators and other intrusive intruders must find alternative mechanisms and ways to vent any complaints they may have.”