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Coza: What Pastor Fatoyinbo, Busola must do to prove claims – Ex-presidential candidate, Ikubese



The 2019 presidential applicant of National Conscience Party, NCP, Thomas-Wilson Ikubese has asked both the Senior Pastor of COZA, Biodun Fatoyinbo and spouse of the prominent artist, Timi Dakolo, Busola, to initiate lawful activities against one another.

Ikubese said this while responding to Busola’s assault claims against Fatoyinbo. Busola had affirmed that the COZA organizer had powerfully assaulted her when she was youthful.

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The mother-of-three described how Pastor Fatoyinbo supposedly constrained his way into her when she was only 18 years. Fatoyinbo anyway denied the claim, however, conceded that Busola once went to a similar church with his family.

Fatoyinbo thus requested his legal counselors to initiate both criminal and the collective body of evidence against Busola.

Responding to the adventure, the previous presidential competitor said the two people should initiate legitimate activities against one another to demonstrate their case or honesty.

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In an announcement he by and by marked, Ikubese said the issue of assault ought to be disciplined and exploited people not vilified.

The announcement entitled: “DAKOLO AND THE RAPE ALLEGATION” understands: “I’ll like to talk on the assault claim as described by Mrs. Busola Dakolo in an ongoing video meet.

“My heart was substantial with feeling, and my eyes weighed down with tears as I viewed the account. “I had abstained from remarking on the episode, until I get notification from Rev Abiodun Fatoyinbo, in the soul of decency.

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“Assault is incredible wrongdoing against womanhood and for sure, and I remain in the judgment of it wholeheartedly.

“That this demonstration was said to have been submitted against Busola at age 17 makes it considerably additionally goading. “Mrs. Dakolo, at last, finding the fearlessness to stand up quite a while after the episode is irrelevant.

“Assault unfortunate casualties are disparaged in Nigeria, making numerous such unfortunate victims stay silent and nurture their damages subtly, encouraging the guilty parties for more adventures in this way.

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“I recognize Mr. Timi Dakolo for empowering his significant other, a mother of three, to stand up and to remain by her. “I recognize Mrs. Busola Dakolo for challenging societal scrutinizes to uncovered everything.

“I express gratitude toward Rev Abiodun Fatoyinbo, for instantly reacting to this ongoing claim in a public statement, dissimilar to in 2013 when he kept quiet about the charge of sex outrage against him by a previous COZA part, Ese Walter.

“I urge Mrs. Dakolo to take this past the internet based life, by organizing a lawful activity in court. “I energize Rev Abiodun Fatoyinbo, the Senior Global Pastor of COZA, to make great his risk as contained in his public statement and sue Mrs. Dakolo for slander of character since he asserts guiltlessness of the claim.

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“Throughout rounds of questioning in the dock, more TRUTHS will develop in the court, and that which is covered up will be brought to the open!

“I, therefore, approach all assault unfortunate casualties to SPEAK OUT, independent of to what extent back it occurred.

“I call additionally on all people who were explicitly attacked by their supervisors in their work environments or relations at home or otherworldly dads in spots of love, to SPEAK OUT!

“I ask us to remain by assault unfortunate casualties and cease from the demonstration of censuring and deriding them when they do stand up, in case this obnoxious demonstration will keep on prospering in our general public.”