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Crisis hits Kano APC as Abdulmumini Kofa ‘sacks’ Ganduje’s loyalists



The Kano State Chapter of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) is currently embroiled in a crisis following the alleged moves by House Speaker Abdulmumini Jibrin Kofa to make changes to the party’s leadership in its Bebeji constituency and Kofa.

The actions of Kofa, who was elected to the House of Representatives on the APC platform, may not be disconnected with the rejections of his candidate for the majority of the House of Representatives, Aminu Sule Goro by Governor Ganduje for Alhassan Ado Doguwa.

It was said that Kofa considered Doguwa’s choice as majority leader as a slap in the face despite his efforts to ensure the victory of the speaker, Femi Bajabiamila.

In what seemed like a time of recovery, Kofa carried out a “quick coup” against all Ganduje loyalists in his Bebeji / Kofa constitution by unilaterally appointing new leadership.

However, it was said that the retirees vehemently rejected Kofa’s actions and organized a protest before the office of APC state president Abdullahi Abbas in Kano on Tuesday.

Abbas addressed the demonstrators and told them that no one could remove them from their seats, insisting that they would remain the presidents of the party legally elected in their respective localities.

GISTOK reliably learned that the elimination of the two presidents of Bebeji and Kofa by Jibrin Kofa was a minor move calculated to create severe problems in Kano APC.

Meanwhile, the efforts made by GISTOK to obtain the reaction of the member of the House of Representatives were unsuccessful since their number was not accessible.

Also, when this reporter contacted the APC president to comment, he refused to speak.