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Details of Osinbajo, Ortom, Igwe’s closed-door meeting



Vice President Yemi Osinbajo held a closed meeting on Monday with Benue state governor Samuel Ortom and Ebonyi’s state governor, Kelechi Igwe.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that The meeting was attended by the Acting Director-General of the National Boundary Commission, Adaji Adamu.

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Speaking with correspondents of the House of Representatives, Ortom said: “We came to the instance of the vice president to discuss the persistent problem between the states of Benue and Ebonyi, particularly between Agila in Benue and Ningbo in Ebonyi.

“We are also here with the Acting Director-General, the National Boundary Commission, and we make important decisions to ensure we demarcate the boundary between these two states so that we can hold our people accountable.

“As now it is difficult to identify the criminal elements that are creating tension and creating more of these problems.

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“So I think that the limits commission will soon launch a program that Benue and Ebonyi will come together to provide the logistics and security necessary to ensure that the limit is demarcated.

“Well, it’s a border crisis because we’re talking about two states. We should know the boundaries of each state. It’s a border problem more like a common problem,” he said.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that On the TIV / Jukun crisis, he said: “Well, I know there is a spill. This is mostly TIV and Jukum in Taraba. I have Jukun in the state of Benue. We are not fighting. There were problems in the past, and I decided to establish a judicial commission of inquiry that is still sitting to analyze the remote and immediate causes of this struggle so that we can find a lasting solution.

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“This other one is more a problem in Taraba, but because there are people with IVD in Benue and we are talking about people with IVT, so every time people show something back to Benue, that is the spirit of this.

“But I think the governor of the state of Taraba is doing well. Recently they met and agreed that there should be a ceasefire even though I saw in the press that there were some problems with that peace agreement.

“And I think that once that problem is resolved in the state of Taraba, we will have nothing in the state of Benue,” he said.