Doctor’s decomposing body found in hospital months after death

Police in Anambra state discovered the dead and decomposing body of a 65-year-old doctor in his hospital, months after his death.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that It is said that the medical doctor, Dr. Gilbert Afam Gini, is occupying two floors, which he uses to manage his hospital, Santa Cruz Clinic at number 9 Eze Crescent Ezinifite Okpuno, near Awka.

In a press release from the PRO Police in Anambra, SP Haruna Mohammed stated that a Barr Duke Onyebuchi Ezeonwuka discovered the body on Tuesday when he visited the property he manages and found it closed, and a strong stench that emanated from him.

Haruna said: “However, he was surprised by an unusual smell coming out of one of the rooms on the upper floor, which led him to call the neighbors who helped open the window, with what they saw the broken body in the room.

“Awka ‘B’ Division police detectives led by the DPO visited the scene and confirmed the incident.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that The Victione’s Gionee cell phone, which was plugged in to charge, was recovered. Photographs taken No implement of violence seen or observed and no foul play suspected of a critical analysis of the crime scene

“Family members have been contacted and arrangements are being made to evacuate the remains for autopsy and prevent disease outbreaks nearby.”

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that Ezeonwuka had said that the deceased generally traveled regularly to Brazil, closing the hospital, and was supposed to have traveled in September, not knowing that he had died in the room.