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Eid-el-Kabir: Livestock, foodstuff sellers cry out over low patronage in Kaduna



Before tomorrow’s Sallah celebrations in Kaduna state, food, meat and ram prices have increased beyond the reach of many consumers.

However, sellers are denouncing the low patronage of customers due to the increase in the prices of essential foods such as rice, corn and livestock, such as the ram, cow, chicken, among others.

GISTOK reports that many potential buyers attributed their inability to reach the markets to the current economic difficulties in the country.

The sellers of rams interviewed in different markets of the Central Market, Kakuri and Sabon Tasha Kaduna, said Saturday morning, that the current economic situation in the country was not encouraging consumers to sponsor them as in the past.

Alhaji Shuaibu Abubakar, president of the Livestock Association of the Central Kaduna Market of Nigeria, told the DAILY POST correspondent that the sale of ram this season has been very poor.

He said the low sponsorship experienced by vendors was due to high unemployment among people and the loss of jobs due to the reduction or reduction of personnel by the state government.

According to him, even those who withdrew from the government establishment were not paid their rights.

“There is a poor purchasing power in general among our clients due to the recent dismissal of our clients who worked with the state government. They have not been paid their right. Some could not pay their children’s school fees, how do they expect them to buy ram, chicken or rice? “, I ask.

Abubakar said he brought more than 500 rams from different states like Kano, Maiduguri, Kebbi, Kastina, but yesterday (Friday) he was only lucky to sell five.

His words: “The prices of the rams vary from N25,000 to N150,000, the goats cost between N7,000 and N30,000 and the cows are sold between N50,000 and N300,000 depending on the size and what the Buyers can pay. ”

Mallama Habitat Yamuna, a food vendor specializing in rice, palm oil, beans and household ingredients in the Sabin Tasha Kaduna market, also denounced the low participation of buyers and attributed the development to the lack of resources.

She described the situation as not encouraging and said: “I am not happy to get so far from Kawo Kaduna and think that the market will be better here, but what I see is heartbreaking.

“I spent a lot of money to bring these bags of rice and household ingredients and since I came, I haven’t sold up to 5 bags of rice, unlike in 2018 the situation was better,” he said.

Also speaking with DAILY POST in the Central Market of Kaduna, Mallam Yahya Danfulani, a cattle seller, attributed the poor sponsorship to the fact that most people traveled outside the city to celebrate Eid-el-Kabir with their beings dear ones

However, Danfulani appealed to the Muslim faithful in the city of Kaduna to go out and sponsor them.

When DAILY POST visited the ram markets in the popular Zango, Bachama Road, Rigasa in the Kaduna metropolis this morning, the situation was the same as the market registered a low sponsorship amid the availability of the essential animals needed in this period festive.

Alhaji Idris Saminaka, a cattle trader in the Bachama road market, said most of them had given up their expectations of a boom in sheep sales.

Saminaka said he had sold only 15 of the 80 rams he brought to Kaduna four weeks ago.

“The economic situation has contributed to low sponsorship and is affecting even our pockets.

“The hope we have is very thin, since the festival is in two days; We pray to make better sales that allow us to silence the home.

“Returning the animals to Saminaka will be a great loss for me due to the expenses I incurred to transport and feed them in Kaduna,” he said.

Saminaka said animal prices ranged from N40,000 to N100,000.

Another ram distributor, Yakubu Danlasan, also blamed the current economic situation amid other responsibilities for low sales.

“The Naira does not have much value now, the current economic situation has become a factor to take into account when spending money. People spend money on what they can pay, it is not easy for us to sell the rams and also to the buyers “, He said.

However, Danlasan believes that the price would collapse, as many merchants would not want to return home with their animals or livestock, as they expect a small opportunity to dispose of their merchandise.

Interestingly, Yusha’u Mutuka, a seasonal ram seller in the Kaduna Zango market, blamed the low sponsorship of the increase in the cost of raising cattle.