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Ex-BBNaija housemate under fire for sharing nude photo online



Some Nigerians on Instagram expressed shock and disappointment at the release of nude photos of former BBNaija housemate Gifty Powers.

Gifty, a former BBNaija housemate of the ‘Double Wahala’ issue on Saturday, shared a nude photo on her Instagram page.

The reality show star next to a photo in which she only covered her private part wrote: “If there’s a slight chance of getting something that makes you happy, take a chance. Life is concise and happiness is very rare. ”

However, her photo provoked reactions from Nigerians online, with some describing her as too desperate for attention, while others asked her to delete the post.

Here are some comments gathered by Latest Nigeria newspaper from Instagram:

@Greatness “Oh chim! The length that people just go for the trend is very alarming. ”

@ Emmaaffiong007 “And you should be your daughter’s model. The things that people do everything in the name of what?

@ Hilda “Please cover up, it’s supposed to be a private and not a public part.”

@authentic_chynah “Some people get into Big Brother with a craze but become a better person, but their craze was more inflamed after you left. I doubt yours has medicine.

@Reveccabevkyjohn “This one weakens me. By exposing your body to the world, are you happy? Na wa!

@Banksnnamdi “I thought you were responsible? I’m disappointed. What would you say to your children if they found you like this?

@Ajibadetemmy “You shouldn’t be posting this! This is bad.”

@Nellyglitters “And you think your daughter will be proud of you? Shameless.

@Majorgondee” Why Gift? I voted for you twice in Big Brother.

@Kwalegwazira “The truth must be told, this is not good. Please, for your son’s sake and God give it up. ”

@ Peters.Miracle “So you are saying that being naked publicly makes you happy mtscheww.”

@ Unclemuscle1 “The truth is that you are already a celebrity. This may not increase your celebrity life but bring insults. You are my friend, please delete this.