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Ezenwankwo says South-East deserves SGF, Deputy Senate president or speakership



Boss Okwudili Ezenwankwo is the House of Representatives part choose for Orumba North and South Federal Constituency on the stage of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA).

He is right now the leader of Amalgamated Market Traders Association of Anambra State and leader of South-East Amalgamated Market Traders Association. He talks on the battle for the National Assembly authority.

What is your situation on the battle for the initiative of the National Assembly?

As I said before now, my supposition as an individual who hails from South East piece of the nation is that the administration of APC should zone Deputy Senate President toward the South East in light of a legitimate concern for harmony, value, great inner voice, and reasonable play. We are not peons in the nation. Igbo individuals are being minimized and stopping that underestimation; the APC-drove government should zone the Deputy Senate president position toward the South East or in the option; it should zone the Speaker toward the South East. I continue saying that Igbo remains the most populated ethnic gathering in the nation, I keep up it, and I can protect it anyplace.

When you go to Lagos State today, short Lagosians, the following clan that has the most noteworthy populace in Lagos is Igbo individuals; we comprise more than 45 percent of the people. On the off chance that you go, Kano, Katsina, and Port Harcourt, it is something very similar.

On the off chance that you go to any state after the indigenes of the express the following individuals, you will see there are Igbo individuals. The government officials misjudge the quantity of South East individuals given the number of enrolled voters in the zone yet I realize that the region remains the gathering with the most astounding number of the populace in the nation.

What is your recommendation to the individuals who need to enlist the administration of the nation for their narrow-minded intrigue?

We all possess this nation and it isn’t victor takes all. They should zone one first position of the National Assembly toward the South East. Before it slips my mind, the issue of Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) isn’t debatable for the South East. Discussing Deputy Senate president or Speaker of the House of Representatives isn’t sufficient; we need the workplace of SGF to adjust the condition in the administration of this nation. I realize that our leader has listening ears to do the needful for equity to win.

Some state by 2023 it ought to be the turn for Igbo, what do you think?

When we get to the scaffold, we realize how to cross it, that is all I need to state until further notice. Legislative issues are about intrigue, about participation, and estimation; however when the opportunity arrives we recognize what to do.

What are those things you are going to change in your supporters?

I made battle guarantees to my kin that I’m going to change the essence of the voting public. I continue saying that the general population that spoke to us in the past did not progress nicely. I’m going there to address their oversights. I guaranteed to convey the profits of majority rule government to the oppressed because I so much trust that the discouraged is one lot of individuals that issues in the general public. At that point, I guaranteed my kin that I’m going to handle the disintegration threat in my general vicinity through the enactment since one of the enormous difficulties we have in that voting demographic is disintegration. We have the disintegration destinations at Nanka and Oko people group that are the most excellent disintegration site in Africa.

How do you plan to do that?

It is through enactment. I know the issue; I’m a grassroots man, so I realize how to tail it up. I should pull in government nearness to the disintegration site.

How would you plan to help the young people and the windows in your general vicinity?

Youth’s strengthening is significant, and as a private individual, I have begun enabling the adolescents through my establishment, and now I have been chosen to speak to them, the strengthening should significantly increase. I had given ability procurement to the young people, beginning a private company for the adolescents, enabling the widows.

What are those things you did as a market head that made you challenge and win the finished up race?

You can see things for yourself and what I have done justifies itself. I don’t have the foggiest idea where to begin, yet I realize that I have done well in all implications. I assembled the structure we are utilizing today as our secretariat. I’m imploring that the new official individuals that will take over from me ought to perform more than me.

Today we are getting a charge out of N10million pick your task in around 65 advertises in the state by Governor Obiano, you can see road lights in our business sectors, get to streets, gift of putting out fires vehicles to the business sectors, arrangement of boreholes in the business sectors, Obiano is a God sent and by the unique beauty of God we will keep on supporting his legislature and organization.