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FCT Minister announces closure of illegal car parks in Abuja



The Minister, Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Malam Muhammed Bello, says that all illegal parking lots would be closed to ensure safety in FCT.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that Bello said this during a promotional visit to the headquarters of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) on Friday in Abuja. He said that Abuja had gone beyond the previous expectations of the plan in terms of the influx of vehicles.

“Crime has increased just like vehicles in FCT. Therefore, all illegal parking lots will be closed to ensure safety. The areas designated for tricycles will be highly restricted. Keke will only be allowed on farms. They will be banned at Asokoro and Life Camp.

“All this is in the laws, but they are not being implemented, and we should start implementing them. The promotion will be carried out. With the promotion, additional pedestrian bridges would be created,” he said.

Corps Marshal FRSC, Dr. Boboye Oyeyemi, says that taxis with color codes would address the incidence of theft of a single opportunity in FCT.

Boboye said this when presenting the proposal “towards the improvement of road traffic management in FCT.

He said that the use of unpainted vehicles for taxis and the safety risks that accompanied it was one of the challenges identified that affected Road Traffic Management.

“The FCT is one of the international gateways to the Federal Republic of Nigeria. As the capital city and seat of power, Abuja is home to missions abroad, international personalities, and business interests.

“Political, economic, and administrative activities are of strategic importance to the nation and require the influx of people with a relative increase in the volume of traffic.

“The city is currently tormented by traffic congestion due to non-compliance with traffic regulations by some motor vehicle operators and other road users.

“FRSC would join to make Abuja a model. FCT currently has the highest vehicle registration after taking over Lagos.

“One of the countermeasures is to involve the unions to paint their taxis with approved FCT colors and fix the ceiling lamp of the vehicles in a week. “Also, the participation of the taxi unions to move to the approved designated vehicle parks within a week,” he said.

Boboye said the success of the initiative could be carried out better with the necessary staff and logistical support, hence the need to provide security support.

“Light cranes, vehicles, bicycles, and staff. Monitoring to ensure compliance would also help counteract this threat,” he said. The quarterback said it was necessary to ensure that commercial vehicles are registered and carry the “Taxi” sign and code.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that The proposed action plan, if facilitated, would not only make the city of Abuja lacking the indiscipline of traffic as it currently prevails, but also increase the aesthetic value of the city,” he said.