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Flood submerges over 300 houses, destroys farmlands, foodstuff in Yobe



A torrential midnight downpour has left hundreds of people homeless, destroyed farmland and food due to flooding in the city of Ngalda in the local Fika government area of ​​Yobe state.

The disaster has also displaced more than 1,000 people in the community, forcing them to take refuge in neighboring cities.

Some residents, while narrating their terrible experience, said that the midnight rain on Wednesday was responsible for the Ngalda river overflowing, so it devastated part of the city, in addition to destroying their food and farmland.

One of the flood victims who counted the losses, Idris Ali, revealed that her six bags of corn and the whole house were submerged in water.

According to him, more than one hundred houses were affected by the flood, adding that the water came from a tributary of the Ngalda River that overflowed as a result of the midnight rain.

Another resident, Adamu Ngalda with his family of 3 wives and 12 children, was also affected by the flood. Adamu said he packed with his relatives on the other side of the city.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Governor of Yobe State, Idi Barde Gubana, was on Friday in the village of Ngalda to pay sympathy to the people on behalf of Governor Mai Mala Buni, where he revealed that the governor ordered the State Agency of Emergency Management (SEMA) that immediately Provide relief materials that include food and non-food items to cushion the victims’ difficulties. “More than 300 homes have been destroyed and more than 1000 people affected,” Gubana said.

Speaking about the immediate housing needs of displaced people, the Deputy Governor said that more than 70% of displaced people had been absorbed by their relatives and family members in the community, while the remaining 30% are staying in temporary accommodation in An elementary school in town.

Amadu Tijjani, Ngalda district chief, revealed that some communities in Bauchi and Gombe that live along the banks of the river were alerted to the impending flooding of the river.

He, on behalf of the Ngalda community, praised the administration of Mai Mala Buni for SEMA’s rapid response to the flood outbreak.

The Yobe State, Emergency Management agency, hastened to the community to assess the situation on the ground and put all the necessary efforts to help those affected by the flood.