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FUO Vice-Chancellor, 2 others in court over alleged victimization, promotion fraud



The Vice-Chancellor, Federal University, Otuoke in Ogbia Local Government Council Area of Bayelsa State, Seth Accra Jaja and two others have been hauled to the National Industrial Court (NIC) over supposed exploitation and advancement of extortion in the establishment.

Dr. Etumudon Ndidi Asien, an instructor from the personnel of Management Science of the foundation, moved toward the court, asserting that he was evacuated as head of Banking and Finance division of the establishment and denied compulsory advancements by the aftereffects of organization audit work out.

Dr. Etumudon Ndidi Asien, in the suit numbered NICN\YEN\32\2019, blamed the Vice Chancellor for Institution of supposed low enrollment and advancement of two instructors without fair treatment and purposely rebuffing him for his refusal to have a place with the Academic Staff Union of Universities(ASUU) of the Institution.

As indicated by the petitioner, ‘ by the prudence of the unpredictable arrangements of the two speakers, with supposed flawed characters,his proficient development have been adversely influenced as they possess positions that

would have been involved by him and that regardless everything being equal and grumblings, the respondents are as yet doing their demonstrations of segregation and wrongdoing, and if no medicinal move isn’t made, they will keep on hindering his development in the administration.’

He, in any case, requested that the court issue a request, ‘that he has an unavoidably ensured ideal to choose not to be an individual from the ASUU and can’t endure separation by the establishment and the Vice Chancellor. An

affirmation such that the expulsion of the inquirer as the head of the branch of Banking and Finance of the Faculty of the Management Sciences of the establishment on the ground that the petitioner isn’t an individual from ASUU is a rupture of inquirer’s major human right and is hence illicit, invalid and void.’

The directing judge of the National Industrial Court, Justice Bashar. A. Salt, in the wake of tuning in to the two advice of both the Inquirer and the respondent, dismissed hearing till October ninth for gatherings to privately address any remaining issues,’ inability to do that will guarantee the beginning of understanding on the substantive suit.’