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Gombe Governor confirms three cases of yellow fever in State



The Gombe state government has said it has registered six suspected yellow fever cases, of which three are reactive. Dr. Nuhu Vile, a state epidemiologist, revealed this to Latest Nigeria newspaper report that on Thursday in Gombe.

According to Vile, the three confirmed patients were treated and released; no deaths have been recorded in the state He said the investigation conducted by experts showed that the case originated in Yankari, in the state of Bauchi, and that the state government had established a team to address the problem.

Bile asked people to always report fever cases to health centers for a quick examination and treatment. He said: “If the result is reactive for yellow fever, treatment is free in the state.

“Mosquitoes cause yellow fever, and people are advised to disinfect their environment. Yellow fever is no different from malaria we know; The symptoms are higher fever, headache, body aches, discoloration of the eyes, and dark urine.

“Don’t stay until you start bleeding or your eyes turn yellow; We encourage the public to report these cases of fever to health centers immediately. By doing this, we reduce the risk of spreading it to other family members.”

Vile advised parents to make sure they vaccinate their children from an early age during routine vaccination. He said that once a child was vaccinated before he turned nine months, the chances of becoming infected would be minimal.