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Gov. Fayemi talks tough over gender-based violence in Ekiti



The Governor of the State of Ekiti, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, inaugurated the Management Committee on Gender Violence and the Committee for the Implementation of the Rights of the Child of the State, with a renewed vote to eliminate the State from gender violence.

She said the news of the violation of children’s rights and the abuse of women who currently dominate social networks, and other media has confirmed that the enactment of the Law on the Prohibition of Gender Violence in 2011 was a step in the right direction. correct

Fayemi stated that her government has zero-tolerance for gender violence and will continuously strive to free society from all forms of gender violence.

“Gender violence is a problem that has assumed the proportion of a pandemic. It is pathetic to observe that one in five women will be raped, beaten, forced to have sex or abused in their lives and conflicts.

“The situation is an omnipresence of gender violence, and its negative impact is assumed by the victim, his immediate family, and the community. “All of us must do everything in our power to prevent and end this ugly trend of violence in and around us and to support victims and survivors,” he said.

While lamenting the high rate of violation of children’s rights in recent times, the Governor said that resuscitation of the two committees became imperative for individual protection and cared using appropriate legal protection, since most children They are immature physically and mentally.

Fayemi urged the members of the two committees to justify the trust placed in them and work to make the State free of violence against women and children.

In her response, the First Lady of the State of Ekiti and Chair of the Management Committee on Gender Violence, Erelu Bisi Fayemi, thanked the Governor for opening the two committees.

She regretted that the fight against gender violence was suspended in the State in 2014 shortly after Fayemi’s first term expired.

The Governor’s wife expressed her satisfaction at the fact that efforts have now been redoubled to advance in the fight against gender violence.

Erelu Fayemi recalled that the Gender-Based Violence Law had made great strides in the treatment of domestic violence in the State, adding that the committee created by the Law of the child would ensure that no child in the State of Ekiti his fundamental rights will be denied him.