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Governor Seyi Makinde’s 100 Days; The Rebirth of Good Governance in Oyo By Sodiq Tade



Ahead of 100 days in office celebration of Governor Seyi Makinde, Sodiq Tade writes about the Makinde-led administration in Oyo state.

From the first day, Gov. Seyi Makinde was sworn into the office, it’s obvious Oyo State is moving from an era characterised as constituted authority to a new dawn, people-centered policies era.

Right from the inauguration altar, Gov. Seyi Makinde bans illegal fees collection in public schools. The ban was in line with his campaign promise, it should be noted that Gov. Seyi Makinde promised free education during the campaign, behold it’s now a reality as our students now enjoy free education.

The result is not farfetched when considering the turnout of JSS 3 students in the last promotional exam. Also, this free education decision will, however, reduce the number of out of school children in Oyo State.

Moreover, it is important to note that within the first 100 days of Gov. Seyi Makinde, he said he’s ready to waive immunity for corruption trial. Well, this is a move to achieve accountability and transparency at its’ peak.

Accountability and transparency are key features when it comes to good governance. Also, Makinde is said to disburse 60 million bursaries for Oyo state indigenes in Nigerian Law School to show how much value he placed on education.

We can see through the statement he made here – “Our administration will continue to prioritise education as the foundation upon which sustainable development will be built.”

For every serious government, prioritising of education is an important thing to do attain sustainable development.

Furthermore, Makinde has made prompt payment of salaries a tradition. When Makinde was sworn into office in May, Oyo State workers had gotten used to late payment of salaries and the poor welfare designed to them by the past administration.

However, it has turned to tradition as Oyo workers keep receiving credit alert every 25 of every month, this is in line with Makinde’s promise during the campaign. It is important to say Gov. Seyi Makinde administration has prioritised workers’ welfare.

And he is also committed to the welfare of the workers’ salaries and pensions have been consistently paid on time and in full. Also within the 100 days, Makinde has approved the immediate payment of N280 million for pensions and gratuity to civil servants.

Gov. Makinde seems to have a structured plan for the security architecture of Oyo State. So far Makinde’s led administration have been working in the areas of Security, Sport, Health, the Economy and Education these past 100 days.

Gov. Seyi Makinde visited Adeoyo hospital, the abandoned 10, 000 metric tones silo in Awe, hosted southwest security summit in Ibadan, met with security chiefs which includes the area commander, discussed with Nigeria Labour Congress leadership in Oyo State, and met with the stakeholders of Shooting Stars Sports Club, one of the state-owned football clubs.

With the above strategic moves in the last 100 days in the office, it’s safe to say Oyo State is on the path of greatness, and on the verge of retrieving the lost glory.

Inclusion of Youths and Women in Makinde’s cabinet cannot be left unsaid because of the vital roles the youth and women play in today’s society.

Finally, it is important to know that Gov. Seyi Makinde is committed to redefining good governance with a focus on people-centred policies.