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Govt sends strong message to land grabbers in Lagos



The Lagos state government has urged legitimate land and property owners in the state to refine their legal documents to facilitate the administration of justice.

The Nigeria newspaper report that the Coordinator of the Special Task Force of the State of Lagos on land grabbers, Mr. Owolabi Arole, said his team had received since the inauguration more than 1,300 requests bordering land grabbing.

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He said the agency concluded 550 cases, made 35 arrests and was still working on 330 petitions.

Arole added: “A large part of the land appropriation cases in which the task force is working is full of inadequate and incomplete legal documentation problems, and such difficulties cause delays in obtaining justice for legitimate landowners.

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“However, these problems have not deterred us from carrying out our mandate and obtaining justice for legitimate landowners of unscrupulous elements that invade them by force and deprive them of their property.”

Arole said the disorderly documentation of the property made it difficult to recover the property taken by force by legal means.

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Urging the victims of the land hoarders not to take the law into their own hands, the Coordinator advised them to report to the team of the state task force that would ensure justice was done.

He warned the thugs of the land to give up illicit traffic, saying that the state government would apply the full weight of the law to anyone caught taking the property of another person by force.