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How kidnap victim fought kidnapper, set self, others free along Kaduna-Brinin Gwari road



A motorist, Usman Yusuf-Abubakar, allegedly confronted his kidnapper in punches, dominated him, and released many captives along the Kaduna-Birnin Gwari road.

When narrating the incident, one of the liberated victims, whose name is hidden, said that Yusuf-Abubakar fought against the kidnapper and disarmed him, using a stone.

According to the victim, Mr. Yusuf-Abubakar, after releasing the victims of the kidnappers, removed their gun and left the forest.

The victim explained: “We were blocked, robbed and kidnapped along the Kaduna-Birnin Gwari road. “We were taken to the forest by a kidnapper who held the AK47 rifle while others stayed behind to take our property.

“In my car alone, the kidnappers took over N400,000, laptops, phones, among other things.” The victim added: “On our way to the forest, Usman attacked the kidnapper, disarmed him and freed us.

“He left the kidnapper down after hitting and seriously injured with stone. “It was later reported that he was dead when negotiations began to free a pastor in his hands.

“They demanded that Usman be delivered to them. Usamn took the gun from the kidnapper and left the forest. “But when he left, he dropped the gun somewhere in the forest for fear or the police or anyone presumed kidnapper.

“He met a police patrol immediately after leaving the forest. “They took him to Kaduna and interrogated him. He later directed the police team to retrieve the weapon he dropped, but they didn’t find me anywhere.

Usamn Yusuf-Abubakar, while narrating his terrible experience, said: “I had to be brave and God helped me, I could free myself and others. Sometimes, we need to show some courage to free ourselves from captivity, since no one would go to save anyone once taken.

“Some of these bandits and kidnappers are weak and malnourished. Their only power is the weapon they hold. May Allah continue to protect us. Amin.