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How Youths & Millennial Can Make Money With CoinCola



In 2011, when Bitcoin was worth just 11$, Eric Fineman an eleven-year-old boy, borrowed $1000 from his grandmother to invest in Bitcoin! Countdown to 2013 when Bitcoin grew to $1200, he made a huge fortune!

This is just one of the many crypto rags to riches stories that sound like a fairytale to most people, Crypto Currency has made a lot of people billionaires today. Some took the risk of believing in cryptocurrency in the early days and some invested a lot to gain more.

There may be fewer such stories nowadays but indeed people are still making money through newer and profitable channels in cryptocurrencies through trading, investing on ICOs, buying and selling of gift cards, etc, and in CoinCola, we have a platform that combined a number of cool features into one easy-to-use platform which will definitely give some people fortunes in coming years. On Coincola, there are quite different ways Youths and Millennials can make money. they include:

  • Trading Gift Cards
  • Supplying Bitcoin to foreigners at a good rate
  • Receiving payment for their online services in BTC via Coincola
  • Youths and Millennial receiving salaries via Coincola
  • Trading of BTC/USD on Coincola
  1. Making Money on CoinCola through Gift Card Trading

Some days ago we talked about how to make money with gifts card in Nigeria. In Coincola, users can easily trade their gift cards with Bitcoin. You can make some fortunes through that! All you have to do is to register, render online services or sell an item online in exchange for gift cards, then go to CoinCola and exchange it to cool cash.

2. Supplying Bitcoin to Foreigners

Since the Bitcoin pump started recently, some bitcoin loyalists that have been ‘hodling’ bitcoin are fidgeting over the trading the price of Bitcoin and how they can sell it. Anyone can trade BTC in Coincola. You can sell it to foreigners at a very moderate price.