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IPPIS: Bayero College terminates appointment of academics on contract

The Bayero College Kano has in keeping with the Built-in Payroll and Workforce Knowledge Device IPPS tips, terminated the appointment of all its Lectures on contract with the College.

The College alluded that the termination of the appointment is in keeping with the government directives to enrol body of workers at the Built-in Payroll and Workforce Knowledge Device (IPPIS) which doesn’t accommodate contract body of workers.

One of the crucial contract academics, Dr Sai’du Ahmad Dukawa showed that his contract appointment with the College has been terminated.

He defined that the college knowledgeable him that the termination was once in keeping with the government directive to enrol body of workers at the new wage fee platform (IPPIS).

’ I’ve been on contract with the college for 7 years and my contract is renewed each two years. Even supposing the contract is meant to be renewed subsequent yr sooner than it was once terminated the previous day.’’

The College Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Muhammad Yahuza Bello stated the college gave the contract instructional academics 40 days understand sooner than termination in their appointment, in opposition to 30 days understand as contained within the contract settlement.

He stated the college took the verdict in keeping with the government transfer to prevent fee of contract academics.

‘’ This can be a situation to enrol body of workers within the wage fee platform of IPPIS. And the government made it transparent that aside from the college would pay such body of workers from its internally generated income which we can not.’’

The Vice-Chancellor stated the termination of the contract body of workers would no longer impact the establishment as they aren’t greater than 5, noting that the college has 1, 776 instructional body of workers. He added that the contract instructional body of workers which might be foreigners aren’t affected

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