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June 12 recognition: Buhari has brought hope for Nigerians’ survival—MURIC



Hope Ibadan, June 12, 2019, The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) on Wednesday said President Muhammadu Buhari had brought confidence in the durability of Nigerians through the acknowledgment of June 12 as Democracy Day.

MURIC expressed this in an announcement issued by its Director, Prof. Ishaq Akintola and made accessible to reporters in Ibadan. Akintola said this individual activity of the president is an indication of beneficial things ahead, especially for gatherings who still feel underestimated.

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“Buhari knows where it squeezes and he will address all complaints,” he said. He encouraged Nigerians to take advantage of this enjoyable lucky break to sink all biases. “June 12 by birthplace identified Nigeria’s solidarity indecent variety as Nigerians sank ethnic and religious inclination to vote in favor of a Muslim-Muslim ticket dissimilar t

o the present circumstance where Nigerians give up themselves to gymnastic religiosity and ethnic fanaticism. “It accordingly benefits each Nigerian resident to coordinate with the Buhari organization and oppressed gatherings to receive discourse and shun viciousness,” Akintola said. He said the way that Buhari disregarded ground-breaking adversaries of June 12 and give it acknowledgment implies that Nigerians have a pioneer who is set up to damn the results in the journey for equity.

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Akinola prompted Nigerians to stay tranquil, reputable, persevering and pious, saying Buhari is step by step and relentlessly establishing the robust framework for a durable, virile and joined Nigeria. “Family will no uncertainty recollect him as the Father of Modern Nigeria. “We ask legislators to stop undesirable politicking and think Nigeria first, and we call upon Nigerians to avoid ethnic patriotism and religious specific ism,” he said.