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Kogi guber: Igala group rejects traditional rulers’ endorsement of Gov. Bello



A spin-off of the ongoing underwriting of Governor Yahaya Bello to look for a second term in office by customary rulers in Kogi State, the dish Igala gathering, the Ukomu Igala Organization (UIO), has rejected the indicated support, depicting the activity as a “siege on our conventional rulers.”

The gathering, through its National Leader, Comptroller Abdul Amade (retd), told columnists in Jos, the Plateau state capital, that the introduction made by the conventional rulers at Aso Rock Villa, Abuja, when the rulers visited President Muhammadu Buhari, embracing the Kogi State Governor, was not the voice of residents of the State.

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Ascending from its crisis general gathering in Jos, the Ukomu Igala Organization (UIO) said it has gotten various calls from different Igala children and little girls inside and outside the nation over what is depicted as “the obviously stage oversaw visit of our Traditional Rulers” from Kogi state to President Muhammadu Buhari trying to look for his help for the burden of a specific hopeful on the general population of Kogi state in the governorship decision in November 2019.

“We wish to state in clear and unambiguous terms, that the whole Igala race which the voice(Ukomu Igala) speaks to, isn’t content with the continuous attack on our Traditional Rulers.

“That the introduction made during the said visit, is anything but a genuine impression of the desires and yearnings of the great individuals of the Igala Kingdom as the Traditional Rulers were arm contorted to make a dedication for the progressing political goals of individual premiums in Kogi state.

“We encourage the President to slight the teleguided message in light of a legitimate concern for harmony and equity that educated the monstrous help regarding Kogites for the change mantra,” the gathering said.

It proceeded, “That the general population of Kogi State who overwhelmingly voted in favor of President Muhammed Buhari in the last Presidential race, did as such in solidarity with the President who has been pronounced to be a standout amongst the most upstanding and monetarily taught Nigerian.

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“This situation of the President must not be permitted to be recolored as we encourage the President not to enable individual interests to darken his political judgment dependent on the substance of the discourse during the visit by our Traditional Rulers.”

The Ukomu Igala recognized that “The Traditional Rulers remain the caretaker of the way of life and convention of our kin and are by their status, expected to sacredly be regarded all things considered and not pressured into any political moving.

“We approach President Muhammadu Buhari, National Officers of the APC and other ideological groups to ignore all secret and beguiling moves by any individual or gatherings to distort the emotions and desires of the great individuals of Kogi state.”

The gathering likewise approached the previously mentioned partners to guarantee that solitary dependable applicants with excellent track records are permitted to fly their governorship tickets in the imminent governorship decision in Kogi state.

“Surely, our kin is burnt out on the extraordinary weakness, craving, and epidemic in Kogi State,” the gathering pronounced.