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Kogi guber: SARS brutalising, arresting our members in Abocho, Dekina – PDP raises alarm



The People’s Democratic Party, PDP, in Kogi state, warned on Tuesday about the alleged invasion of Abocho in the area of ​​the local Dekina government of the state by police officers of the State Command.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that The party alleged that the state government, according to the SARS Commander in the state, Ibrahim Babagana, led notorious thugs to Abocho in Dekina and some other areas of Kogi East, where they arrested and mistreated their members.

A statement by the Deputy Director of Public Communication of the party in the state, Austin Okai, said the attack was aimed at discouraging the electorates from extending support to the PDP in the upcoming elections.

The statement says: “These deadly activities led by the SARS commander in the state, the CSP Ibrahim Abba Win in agreement with thugs imported from the APC, daily harass members of the main opposition party to abandon their support or be killed.

“This cowardly act has the backing of the state government, the state police commissioner, Hakeem Busari and other state security bodies led by CSP Ibrahim Abba Gana.”

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that The PDP said that the intention of the state government, along with armed thugs and police SARS was to extend a similar exercise around Kogi East, Kogi West, and Central Kogi to demobilize the main opposition party to carry out electoral campaigns.

“Our members were arrested, kidnapped and kidnapped by thugs paid by the state government and the police, driven by the state police and CSP commissioner Abba Gana Ibrahim of SARS,” he said.

The PDP warned of the consequences of the reprisals of the PDP, saying, “If the police chief at the state and federal level does not rescind his actions and that of his men who are working tirelessly to return the unpopular governor, Yahaya Bello.”

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that The party said it has raised several alarms about the deadly activities of the APC as the ruling party, both in Kogi and at the federal level, in its predetermined intention to force Yahaya Bello to return to the people of the state.

PDP said it is also of “knowledge and plans concluded by police and APC thugs to attack and ambush PDP members who are going or returning from campaigns in both the East, West and Central.”

The party said it will not be in the “interest of fair play, that the ruling party devises several dubious and deadly means to not allow the party’s candidate to carry out his campaigns.”

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that The party wondered how unpopular the APC and the state government have become, that fear of free, fair and credible elections is now their nightmare, even though they have boasted of returning to Lugard’s house with his numerical strength. ” .

PDP, therefore, urged the police authority to demonstrate the spirit of carrying out the protection of law and order, lives and property, as well as people of the state before, during and after the elections.