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Landslide wreaks havoc in Abia



A major disaster was avoided on Monday night in Umuchime Amuzukwu-Ibeku in the local government area of ​​northern Umuahia of Abia, when a landslide destroyed a building in the area, while the occupants, a nursing mother, and her son, escaped unharmed.

Narrating the incident to Latest Nigeria newspaper on Tuesday, a resident, Ms. Ijeoma Emmanuel, said the incident occurred around midnight. Emmanuel said he felt a vibration on the floor, followed by a large crack in the wall of his building.

She said that moments after leaving her building with her baby to determine the cause of the vibration, the building collapsed in the deep hollow behind him. She expressed her gratitude to God for forgiving their lives.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that Other residents of the area said the disaster had destroyed many houses and farmland in the area since it first occurred two years ago.

An official, Mr. Azubuike Jinanwa, said that many houses and farmland in the area had been devastated by the disaster.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that Jinanwa said that currently, more buildings and farmland were seriously threatened by the phenomenon, causing a palpable panic in the community.

He said the landslide occurred for the first time about two years ago, when properties, including buildings and farmland, were destroyed worth millions of Naira.

He described Monday’s incident, which involved the breastfeeding mother and her son as colossal, but thanked God that he did not lose his life.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that Jinanwa said the problem had gone beyond the capacity of people and the community and asked state and federal governments to come to their aid.

“I call on the government at all levels to come to our aid and help us in this moment of great need,” he said.