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N30 minimum wage: Why Nigerians should ignore Labour’s threat to go on strike – Timi Frank



A former National Advertising Undersecretary of the All Progressive Congress, APC, Timi Frank, said Friday that Nigerians should not take union leadership in the country seriously for their threats to strike if the government refuses to pay the N30,000 minimum wage.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that Frank described union leaders as “merchants,” saying they have been compromised to the extent that they can no longer fight for the welfare of their members.

Reacting to the latest threat of organized workers to strike, the federal government refuses to comply with its demand, Frank in a statement to the Latest Nigeria newspaper urged Nigerians to ignore the threat, saying that the NLC’s cry came too late.

He regretted that with the current charges imposed on telecommunications providers, the Value Added Tax, the increase in bank charges, the proposed toll gates, and the partial closure of land borders, the minimum wage of N30,000 has become Useless.

According to him, a 5% VAT is applied to every recharge card that Nigerians buy, wondering why the responsible policies on the common man by the APC Government.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that The activist said he believes the union leaders were making empty threats to be seen attending to the interests of their members while they drank and dined with senior administration officials.

Going down the path of memory, Frank recalled that during the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan that “he paid more attention to the plight of Nigerian workers, TUC, NLC, ASUU, health workers and others were always in the news by one demand or another, and they often went on strike and demonstrations, but they can no longer bite because most of their leaders are now members of the APC.

“The federal government led by Buhari promised Nigerian workers heaven on earth before the general elections, but has complained that there is no money to pay workers only N30,000.

“However, when it is time to use the money for elections, the administration will not mind digging into several revenue-generating agencies to process their selfish agenda.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that The money that is looted daily under the current administration is enough to pay even more than N30,000 as a minimum wage to Nigerian workers, but no one will blame the government because current labor leaders are weak and committed.

They have been used and thrown by the same administration and can only bark and not bite. Frank said the politicized union is one of Nigeria’s problems, as they have refused to take measures to resist bad government policies.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that He wondered how the Buhari-led government would fulfill its promise to remove 100 million Nigerians from poverty when they refused to pay ordinary N30,000 as a minimum wage.

“Around the world, trade unions are always the first to speak out against unnecessary increases in taxes, inadequate policies, and other actions that have a direct relationship with citizens, but in Nigeria, most Union leaders are committed and have turned a blind eye. in the face of the plight of its members, “said Frank.