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N500 Billion Scandal: CBN Governor Emefiele Confirms Missing Money Says Phone Bugged Writes Police To Investigate GISTOK



Godwin Emefiele, Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, has indeed affirmed the genuineness of a report by GISTOK uncovering that Emefiele and other high ranking representatives of the peak bank schemed to cover the N500 billion-outrage shaking the Bank.

GISTOK had in May 2019 made open a telephone discussion of Emefiele; his agent, Edward Lametek Adamu; Director for Finance Dayo M. Arowosegbe including one of the Special Advisers to the CBN Governor,

Emmanuel Ukeje talking about how to conceal the loss of over N500 billion stolen from the CBN in a private speculation that lost everything.

Two phone sound tapes, solely acquired by GISTOK, uncovered how the senator and high ranking representatives of the peak bank wrangled over plots to hide the loss of gigantic totals of monies in a Dubai venture, as indicated by sources at the Bank.

The CBN had recently said the sound discussion was certified; however, no cash was absent from the National Bank.

Isaac Okorafor, Director Corporate Communications, stated: “The particular discussion being circled was a discourse to discover why the evaluators found a way to determine it.

It before long turned out to be certain that an express government’s advance can’t be named ‘terrible’ or ‘hopeless’ when the state still exists and getting FAAC allotments.”

In any case, in a request composed by Emefiele to the Inspector General of Police, Emefiele indeed affirmed that the sound was real and this time raised the caution that his telephone had been pestering just as rupture of security at the peak bank.

He additionally solicited the Inspector General from Police to examine the sound break.

The appeal, which was titled, ‘Security rupture at the Central Bank of Nigeria – demand for examination’ read somewhat,

“it is obvious from the sound clasps that my phones including GSM and those of high ranking representatives of the Bank more likely than not been irritated.

This is no uncertainty an extremely irritating advancement of the stupendous extent and has intense ramifications not just for the Bank as a focal money related specialist yet, also, the country’s economy.

It is likewise equipped for discoloring the picture, great standing, and honesty of the manage an account with the nation’s improvement accomplices and dissolving trust in the economy.”

Emefiele requested that the police boss disentangle how his telephone was bothered and who discharged his telephone discussion.

“I demand you compassionately utilize your high office to disentangle the conditions encompassing the irritating and wiretapping of the Bank’s phones and the arrival of my private/secret phone discussion with other high ranking representatives of the CBN to GISTOK.

“Discover how Sahara Reporters acquired the illicit wiretapped discussion and offenders behind the unlawful demonstrations.”