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New minimum wage: Buhari gets reminder



The Association of Higher Personnel of Universities, Teaching Hospitals, Research Institutes and Associated Institutions has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to expedite the action for the full implementation of the National Minimum Wage.

SSAUTHRIAI made the call in a statement signed by its sector president, Felix Uwadiae and the secretary, Ademola Olajire, on Sunday.

While the Federal Government proposes a salary increase of 9.5 percent for employees at grade levels 07 to 14 and 5 percent for those at grade levels 15 to 17, organized labor demands an increase of 30 percent for officers at grade levels 07 through 14 and 25 percent increase for grade levels 15 through 17.

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The statement says: “The council in session thanks the President for signing the new national minimum wage law. “However, the union shows its dissatisfaction in the partial implementation of the new national minimum wage.

“SSAUTHRIAI, therefore, urges the President to accelerate the action in its full implementation.

“The President must intervene urgently and personally on the issue of the committee that develops the modalities for the implementation of the new national minimum wage so that workers guarantee its implementation.”

The union also called on the President to reconsider his decision to close the nation’s borders, as it has resulted in an astronomical increase in the prices of some staple foods such as rice, beans and peanut oil, while Alternative local products are not readily available.

“Where they exist, prices have become prohibitive, due to the low amount available.” While sympathizing with the Federal Government about the murders and kidnappings that occurred in different parts of the country, the organization demanded that the government “reorganize the nation’s security architecture to combat security challenges to adjust to reality on the ground.”

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“The issue of incessant killings, kidnappings, attacks by pastors, armed robberies, Boko Haram and other social vices has been increasing in recent times in the country.

“While we sympathize with the family of those who lost their lives and with other affected people, we humbly beg the President to reorganize the nation’s security apparatus to adjust to reality on the ground,” he added.

The union also expressed concern that, despite the ruling of the National Industry Court issued in September 2013 on the omission of CONRAISS 10, the administration of some research institutes had not yet complied.