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New NHIS boss unveils 3-point agenda



The newly appointed Executive Secretary of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) , Prof. Mohammed Sambo, has presented a three-point agenda to reposition the plan towards the realization of its primary mandate.

He released his agenda while addressing NHIS staff members at an official delivery ceremony in Abuja on Monday.

Sambo, who took office as the 11th Executive Secretary of the scheme, thanked President Muhammadu Buhari for the appointment and promised to work hard to reposition the system through the execution of the agenda, reports NAN.

He listed the agenda to include: “First, change the name of the system that would transform NHIS into a credible, results-oriented organization.

“Secondly, to generate transparency and responsibility in the whole operation of the scheme, and thirdly, to promote the scheme to achieve a universal and quality medical care for all Nigerians.”

Sambo said the agenda came up after a quick evaluation of the scheme while asking staff members to put the interest of the people and the nation first above all other considerations.

However, the NHIS scribe promised to do everything possible to restore the lost glory of the organization, adding that it will reposition the scheme towards the realization of its primary mandate and national development.

He said: “I am here to unite and not to perpetuate the division; I am here to build bridges and not to destroy, I am here to work and not to joke, I am here to contribute my quota to the national development.

“I know that the NHIS is a system that comprises many stakeholders that are interdependent and that the success of each party depends in no small extent on the others.

“Therefore, I will make sure to bring all interested parties into the decision-making process.” Sambo also criticized the negative state of the organization that, according to him, suffered an image crisis and resulted in a loss of confidence.

He appealed to the staff members to promise a lasting ceasefire and be at peace with each other since the plan was not at war. “As we begin a new chapter in NHIS, I want to appeal to all of that, on July 15, 2019, everyone should protect their sword.

“Everyone should promise a ceasefire because we are not at war over the fact that Nigerians join the schemes in search of a healthy and productive life,” he said.

Previously, the outgoing NHIS supervisor, Mr. Ben Omogo, had signed and delivered the plan to Sambo, who registered at a press conference.

Omogo, in his delivery speech, thanked the Civil Service Commission, the interested parties, as well as the General Managers for the role they played in conducting the affairs of the different departments.

“My job was to come and oversee the issues of the plan, and everyone has done well in their various capacities.

“In compliance with the federal government we serve, we have met to hand over NHIS matters to the substantial Executive Secretary appointed by the President.

“I have served for nine months, and in our operation, we have been able to pay the capitation and all legal payments to all of our healthcare providers and all the shareholders,” he said.

The NAN recalls that the federal government formally dismissed the past NHIS chief, Professor Usman Yusuf, on July 1, and replaced him with Sambo.

Following are the accusations of corruption and the recommendations of the panel established by the presidency that accused the former executive secretary of NHIS,

recommended his immediate dismissal and the dissolution of the NHIS Board of Directors. The federal government then ordered Sambo to assume the duties immediately.

Until his appointment, Sambo was a tenured professor of the Department of Community Medicine at Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria.He is a professor of community medicine, an expert in epidemiology and a recognized researcher.