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Nigeria Police makes new redeployments



The Nigerian police approved the redistribution of police general inspectors to other departments. The announcement was approved by the Inspector General of Police, IGP M.A Adamu.

Latest Nigeria newspaper report that The force revealed this in a post on its official Twitter page.

The publication will be valid immediately.

The publication read: “PUBLICATION OF DIGS:
The IGP Police General Inspector M.A Adamu, NPM, mni has approved the release of the Deputy Police General Inspectors in the following Departments as indicated in their names;

I. Department of Finance and Administration – DIG Abdul Dahiru Danwawu, mni

II Department of Operations – DIG Abdulmajid Ali

III. Logistics and Supply Department – DIG Aminchi Samaila Baraya, FDC

IV. Criminal Investigation of the Department of Force – DIG Anthony Ogbizi Michael, FDC

V. Department of Training and Development – DIG Lawal Shehu

VI Department of Research and Planning – DIG Peter Babatunde Ogunyanwo, FDC
VII. Department of Information and Communication Technology – DIG Celestine Okoye, fsi

“Publications have an immediate effect.”